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Hello everyone
I'm TJ Buffalo, and I'm an engineer from Maryland. I have some experience smoking sausage in an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker, and I make a fair amount of fresh and smoked sausage; in fact, I'm a moderator over at I decided to join here also since I've been thinking of trying my hand at smoking larger cuts of meat, and what I saw on the forums here really impressed me. I look forward to chewing the fat with you (maybe not literally, you know, though stuff like chicharrones are a great indulgence).
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Welcome to SMF TJ Buffalo!!!
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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome, welcome! Glad you joined us.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome and pass on some sausage making tips
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Welcome to the SMF TJ Buffalo. Great folks here so jump right in with any and all questions and comments.

Glad you found us!!
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Welcome TJ - actually, quite a bit of fat gets chewed here! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
Tell us about sausage.
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Welcome to the SMF. I hope you enjoy your stay. I like to make a little sausage also. I am always open to suggestions.
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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome TJBuffalo. Have fun and enjoy the ride on the forum.
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welcome to SMF tjbuffalo
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Glad you found us!

Welcome to SMF ... from Canada icon_smile.gif
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