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Well I gave my Big Block to my daughter, & got another one for me through Amazon..
My new one came with a dent on the right rear top corner.. I'm sure it won't affect the smoking.. Should I contact GOSM & let them know, or contact Amazon? Has anyone had any dealings like this? Would I have to take pictures to send to them, & would I have to send the complete smoker back, or only the box less door, shelves, burner, etc? or should i just fire the sucker up, & let her smoke.. I'm sure the dent is only cosmetic...

Does anyone have a contact number or address for me to use?
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I'd contact amazon and whoever was the delivery company.......they will typically cover it, but sometimes it's a big fight.....
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I have heard that complaint alot. Guess there just to heavy to be careful with.
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Thanks, I'll contact Amazon.
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