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spareribs and chicken legs

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today i am doing two racks of spareribs and some chicken legs i will probbibly throw on a few skinnys and a fatty i will smoke a doz eggs and some of dutch's baked beans and i may even do some corn bread just to top it all off i will try and post some pics later but i have not had much luck posting pics lately

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Sounds great, Huey! Looks like you'll be doing some mighty fine eating!!
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Love to follow the adventures. Hope pics are available.....have fun.
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Got north winds here How am I going to smell the smoke here in Ohio. Sure sounds good tho.
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Ok ... help me out here, what pray tell is a 'skinny'?
Sounds like a fairly ambitious smokin' session to me! I hope you get the pic upload sorted out so that you can share some food pics with all of us ....
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A "Skinny" is a woman w/no meat on her bones. S.Clubber is a crazy one........... watch you back around him! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Ok, I may be a little off. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

I'm w/you Squeezy, what is a skinny? ...............little turd?
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A skinny is a sausage that is not a fatty - regular size
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hello everyone

a skinny is a breakfast link sausage wrapped in bacon smoked till done i did not get to take pics of the fatty or the skinnys my 16 year old son tore into them and they were gone in nothing flat

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It's 5:29 AM, and I'm drooling on my laptop!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I wonder why the obvious doesn't come to me more often?

Perhaps, in this case, with the fat content in sausage, my brain couldn't grasp the concept that sausage could be a " skinny "!

Never heard the term here in Ontario ... icon_smile.gif
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Good looking food there Salmonclubber.
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