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Orion Cooker/Smoker

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Was at the local Home Depot today. They have them on sale. Anyone used one or own one????

Orion Stainless Steel Cooker/Smoker

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Check out my thread on the same thing. Also check out PigCicles search results in the same thread.

Did the store you were at have any on the shelf? The two I visited had none and had been out since 4/1.

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Interesting looking gizmo What are they asking for one?
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No I didn't buy one..actually came home and went into cyber-space about this unit. (honestly, almost added to my toys) but something didn't sound right. Mainly the cook time.
So fellow SMF brothers/sisters, I'll stay with what I have. Thanks for the replies.
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Interesting looking gizmo What are they asking for one?

Debi...129.99 ... regular price 149.99
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$129.00 - regular price according to the ad I got. Home Depot never has squat on sale.
Plus they don't have them on the shelf - "on order"
Bass Pro Shops sells them for $149.00.
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There were 2 on the shelf at my local HD
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I think Jesse would kill me! icon_wink.gif I was just looking ... just looking mind you - at a Brinkman smoke pit I think it was called just seeing how they made it, at WalMart today. All of a sudden from a little ways behind me I hear ...

"Oh geeze - You haven't even USED the new one you just got yet!"

I said "I was just looking for ideas for my barrel smoker ..." icon_smile.gif
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sounds like my missus when i had gotten my 7 n 1

i did make her a deal though... i am not allowed to bring anymore home no matter how good of a deal they are until we get into a 333... guess i am only half evil..lmao
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Here's a thought. Save yourself $100 and buy a metal trashcan and a steel rod. Stick the rod in the ground and put a turkey on it. Then flip the can over it, lay a bag of lit charcoal around it, and waa laa, trashcan turkey. I've read it's actually pretty good.
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