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Nicole what part of Texas are you located in.
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Sounds like you guys are about to get things straightened outicon_biggrin.gif

Now you should go to the charcoal forum and check out the modifications to make your smoker work better next time.icon_idea.gifcool.gif
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They tasted AMAZING!! In some spots it tasted a little too smoky, but in general they were SLAMMIN'! We will be doing this again!
Thank you all so very very much.
Now I will take the time to read through this forum and see what other advice you wise GrillMasters have to offer!
See you later!

The pic looks a little more red than it was
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Sorry -- I forgot to answer msith -- I live in Allen, just North East of Dallas.
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Looks like I'm a little late ... Welcome Nicole. Glad yo enjoyed your first smoke. Be careful it's adictive! biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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GrillMasters? Did she say GrillMasters??? I thought we were smoking and 'quing here??? Oh wait a sec, we do have a Grilling forum on here don't we?? Well, she did get the "wise" part right!! tongue.gif

Welcome to SMF Nicole, now that you've had your baptism by fire (pun intended), you must do a couple things- Get yerself and hubby up to the Roll Call section and properly introduce yourselves, 2nd, take advantage of Tulsa Jeffs' good nature and sign up for his FREE 5-day eCourse on smoking foods, and visit often to bask in all this great smokin' knowledge!!
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