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Hey Shell, how did the brisket turn out??
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We may never know ...
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My bad on the response, my pc at home is giving me the blue screen of death. I wanted to update with pics, but looks like that's not going to happen in the near future....frown.gif

As for the kobe brisket. I used my basic rub, no mustard slather. I went out and got BB's for 50%, so I got 4 racks. I had two shoulders from Costco to complete my smoke. Fired up the Kooker and did shoulder on the bottom, ribs in the middle, briskett on the top. Started everything at 12:15. Mopped occasionally through the cook. I didn't foil at any stage. At 6:00 I was taking off at 190*. It definitely cooked faster than your normal brisket. I wrapped in foil, towels, and into cooler. About an hour and a half later I pulled it out. I was cooking it for my boss, but was asked to whack off a piece for us. This thing was so tender. When slicing it, it almost felt like a raw piece of meat that's how tender it was. The juices ran and the flavor was great. Let me also say that when I first took it out of the cryovac it was just a different piece of beef, the smell, the color, the marbling. I can't imagine how good a ribeye would be! icon_smile.gif

I would definitely recommend trying it if you can find it. (For a very special occasion) There are mail order places I saw you can get them for like $50 + $27 shipping. This is for American Wagyu. A true brisket from a Japanese wagyu would probably run you a couple hundred dollars....eek.gif
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Sounds like it was a great feast Shell. Might have to try a Kobe brisket for a special occasion one of these days.

How did you like the cooker for your first big cook??
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Shell -

Sorry about the blue screen but I'm glad you joined the heavenly moo! Sounds great! icon_biggrin.gif
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Two weekends in a row I did big smokes, this past weekend it was two racks of beef long ribs, 2 racks of spare, 1 boneless leg of lamb. The Kooker gets to temp and hold real nice. Still couldn't find my maverick so I wound up buying two taylors. One for meat, one to check my thermometer in the door. It's off by about 50* when it heats up. Love the small door to get at my wood chips and my water bin. It seems the meat isn't getting nearly the smoke flavor my little electric one. I'm not sure if it's just because it's bigger or not. I am getting some smoke leakage around the door seal but it's not super significant. I'm also wondering if the way that I filled it has something to do with it. Two weekends ago I put the shoulders on the bottom and they pretty much fille up the bottom rack. It definitely cooks warmer on the bottom near the burner and it also cooks faster out near the door, which is surprising. I was happy over all, real happy with the heat consistency, the small loading door. The wood box seems to take quite a while to get hot enough to get the wood smoldering. In my electric, the wood would turn to ash eventually, in this it just seems to turn into charred pieces of wood without going to ash...not sure why that it happening.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Give it a thumbs up though, I just may think about a mod for the door.
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WOOOOHOOO! You go girl!

If the wood isn't burning it's probably not making much smoke either. Any way to crank up the burner a bit more? You should be able to adjust for it with the vents. Are you using chips or chunks? It the wood pan right over the fire?

You might be able to keep some smoke from leaking by adjusting the vents so the air flows upward. Of course I always fill my poor little smokers till the doors blow off but I run my vents open to the stops and still get a great smoke ring even with gas and The regulator is always on low until the end of a poultry smoke.
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The pan is directly over top of the burner. The thing is like this heavy cast iron box. I swear it's 1/2 in thick. I'm wondering if that had something to do with it. The wood is burning, when it stopped smoking I pulled it out, they are charred, but they don't go down to ash. They are like pieces of wood charcoal almost.

This is a question I was wondering, when I turn my tank on, I'm opening it up all the way, are you saying that you just turn it to barely open it? I only had my vents open a crack.
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Shell -

My Smoke Safe comes up to a perfect 225 on "MED-LOW" with the vents wide open. Seems to keep the smoke moving better in my very full smoker.

My wood tray is almost the size of the water pan and wide open but it is cast iron. Hmmm you said "box" does it have a lid? If so try taking the lid off or opening it up some maybe it's oxygen staved?

I open my gas bottle 1/2 turn but I don't think it restricts the gas flow much. Try opeing your vent up more to get the wood going hotter. Sounds like your making lump charcoal.
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