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KOBE beef brisket

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My boss' parents are coming up from FL and bringing a 10lb Kobe beef brisket. I haven't attempted a brisket yet and now I'm smoking a $50 brisket!! icon_eek.gif

I'm just going to treat this like a regular brisket or do you think I should make an adjustment for the Kobe beef?
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Shell- here is some info for you. http://askthemeatman.com/kobe_beef.htm

I've never done anything with kobe beef, so I'm curious as to how it turns out.
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If it's true Japanese Kobe beef, what you got there is'nt a 10 lb, $50 brisket.
It's a 10 lb, $750 - $1000 brisket! eek.gif No pressure now, just hope it turns out great! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I know! I'm nervous. They apparently have a great butcher down there. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif He also got 2 rib eye steaks and they were like $90 for 2!! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

Look at the marbling in this NY strip
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I've had the opportunity to have it once while in Japan. All 100 grams of it (less than 4 oz., that's all I could afford). Still ran close to $22. I will tell you what, that was the very best beef I've had to pleasure of eating.

The pic did'nt come out, but i know what it looks like. A cardiologists nightmare! wink.gif Enjoy! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Shell, I have heard that they don't have as much fat marbled through them, so as a result cook up a lot quicker than the briskets we are used to, and have to be carefull not to dry them out. Good Luck!!!
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Wow! I am overwhelmed ... have never heard of Kobe beef until today.

I expect I'll meet my maker before I ever get a chance to taste it ...

But I can dream and drool ....
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Hi Shellbell,

I've been grilling and/or smoking beef for 40 years. But, Kobe beef, wow!

Please, pics and evaluation. Mangia!

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Well got into work late today with the horrible rain we've had over the last 2 days (and it's still raining!!), double checked the kobe beef brisket is present and accounted for. I also went to Costco yesterday and go two pork shoulders to throw in with the brisket, hey why fire up the thing with one item in it!!

My biggest problem now....I can't find my maverick...eek.gif

I am looking forward while being apprehensive at the same time.
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You mean your exalted thermometer doesn't have it's own gilded and locked box sitting beside Grandpa's ashes?
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Well of course it does, it's just that I mis-placed the whole box!!! Grandpa's still there though! wink.gif
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I enjoy Kobe (Tajima) beef when I can get it, but have never been able to order 10 pounds!

Keep a good eye on that piece......
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Good Lord son ....NNOOOOOO Pressure but the last time I heard of Kobe beef being sold in Toronto, it was a few years back and it was over $150.00 per pound.
Like I said noooooo Pressure.icon_razz.gif Just let me know when you start it ........I'm gonna go up on the roof ,maybe i can get a whiff...a faint hint on the breeze.LOL
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I think I have read that they massage the cow and even give it beer. Honestly.

what I've seen of it, on the net, is that it is well marbled........steaks anyway. I'd assume the same for the brisket.

As everyone else has said..............no pressure. Btw, I don't know what smoker you have, but that brisket may cost more than the smoker PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif .

If you don't show pics, I will do my best to ban you from this site!!!PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

Good luck, everyone here knows you'll do just fine! Have fun doing it and share the whole experience w/us please.
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Hey Shell -

If you smoke low n slow you can't mess it up right? Just find your mavric and all will be well! I've a got a drawer full of Taylors you can borrow! icon_mrgreen.gif
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That and even Saki !

I think that is how they raise Sumo wrestlers as well ! icon_lol.gif
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Guddorakku, smoker-san. (good luck!)
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very interseting dutch , i read the link page you supplied . i have seen on a tv show here that there are a few cattle properties ( ranches to you guys )over here in australia where they are now breeding and growing the WAGYU cattle for the overseas market
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Just to let you know I didn't forget about pictures or anything, found out that the parents actually froze it for the car ride north. He's bringing it in on Friday and on Sunday I'm doing the brisket and my shoulders. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I did receive information that a kobe brisket cooks MUCH faster than a regular brisket. Like 6 hours to get to 190*.

I also found, for anyone interested, that Snake River Farms sells kobe brisket on-line for $48 per 10 - 12# flat. I'm not sure what the over-night shipping would be. It's interesting to see how much their kobe is. A tenderloin for $300! They also sell berkshire(korobuta) pork.
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Just saw +25 for shipping so it's now a $73 brisketeek.gif
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