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Smoking with the Lang 84

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Here is a picture of the lang 84 loaded with chickens. On this smoke we did 20 whole birds, 3 briskets, 4 pork butts and 12 pounds of sausage. We did this for a block party a few months ago. enjoy!!
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How do you like your Lang? Tonto should be getting theirs soon, and what I have seen on their web site.......well it all looks good. Many happy customers w/Lang. If I had the wood and the $$$, I'd sure like a 60.

What part of the Rockies are you from?

Thanks for the pics, keep them comming!
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Makes me hungry for chicken.
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Wow, the neighborhood must love you!!! Talk about a chock a block. Hey Moose I meant to ask you if your thermo on the smoker is pretty acurate. Thinking about calling Ben while I still have the time, and asking him to add another one at the other end of the barrel. Whadaya think??
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my temp gauges are with in 10 degrees of the grate temp. I would add another to the other end. I just like to be able to tell temp diff for one side to the other.
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you can't buy a better smoker for the money IMO. It holds it temp well for those long overnighters and very easy fire management.

I live around the Denver, Co area
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WOW! That's alot of food and it looks so good too!

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Now that is a beautiful sight! Thanks for sharing moose.
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Moose, your my hero, looks like a great cookout, would love to see more pic's of that badboy in action....................
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Did pigroasts for the block parties in the past in fact one neighbor was so happy with the pig that he used to plow my drive in winter of the snow......saved my back he had a truck with plow. But only mine so made other neighbors jeleous.
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When I grow up I want to own a Lang. Those birds look great. Thanks for the picture
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That's pretty funny. icon_biggrin.gif
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