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Pulled pork meat - HELP!!

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I NEED HELP!!! Being a Yankee in a small PA area I can't find a pork butt for pulled pork. Is there something else I can use that's just as good? I'd like to get one tonight and get it ready for Thursday night smoke.

Thank you
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Smokelover, do you have a Sam's club or Costco or any "warehouse clubs" near you?? They always seem to carry them in this neck of the woods. If you do give em a call and see if they have them. Good Luck!!
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you might try looking for bone in pork shoulders. You might also look in the phone book under meat retail or meat markets instead of supermarkets. You need to be carefull buying meat from sams and places of the like. Frequently they will get there meat from anywhere. that being said if meat is graded as choice or select in mexico it is choice when it comes to america.
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Your grocery store should carry them, don't look for pork butt, look for pork shoulder. I'm SE PA and the grocery stores have them. Ours have the bone in and skin on. There have been times when they didn't have them that way so I got the kind that were deboned and then packed in a netting to hold it together.
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It may be referred to as Boston Butt.

Hope you find some!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Smokelover -

I use a lot of fresh shoulders/pinics. They're just as good. Just make sure it's fresh and not smoked or brined.

The butts seem to have different names all over the country. Here they're called Pork Butts or Boston Butts depending on the store - go figure?
Look for a big ole hunk-o-pork with a kind of T shaped bone in the middle.

Should look like this (But without the string and rub) I deboned this one ad made a roast out of it:

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What Meowey said, I agree. I've seen them called Boston Butts before. Just depends where in the country you are I guess.
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If you can't find what your looking for, ask the Butcher. He should be able to get you some-don't be surprised if you have to special order it. They may not keep it in stock but might be able to get them in.
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They are called Boston Butts in my area unless you talk to a butcher and they call them shoulders.
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