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Dutch -

You must really like that boy to be feeding him that kind of grub!

Sure not going to chase him away from your daughter that way!

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Debi- He is an all right guy, when I was talking about redoing the front porch last Fall, he asked two important questions "When are you doing it?" and "Can I help?" An all weekend project only took 7 hours to complete and he even brought his own tools. biggrin.gif Now if he'll only ask me the Most Important Question. . .
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Would that be, uhh ... Where's your hair??? I know I've started to misplace mine somewhere.PDT_Armataz_01_07.gificon_frown.gif
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Boy, I shoulda seen that one coming!! Been wondering that same question for years. But then I remember "The Good Lord only created so many perfect heads. . . the rest He covered with hair"!!! icon_razz.gif

The question I'm refering to has something to do with him asking for my daughter's hand-Why he want's hers when he has two prefectly fine hands of his own is beyond me!! biggrin.gif
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Let's see..............
That would open up a bedroom. PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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That ain't gonna happen Mike unless the youngest daughter moves out. Ma Dutch has already laid claim to the room-it's going to be her new Sewing room.

Daughter #2 and her beau already share an apartment. . .but I do have this small room under the front porch. . . icon_mrgreen.gif
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I could see that grub in my future.

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Dutch, can you tell me what size the bottle is you have. I can't find a size or amount stated anywhere on his site. E-mailed him yesterday, but have not heard back and just want to know what I'm getting for $7.95.
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