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Wood Suggestions?

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Hey everybody...

I've been lurking these forums for a while now... thought it would be the time to make the jump in.

I've recently decided to experiment with curing a few different meats... serving multiple purposes... 1- who dosen't like cured pork? and 2- Preparation for my Summer of using the Smoker a whole lot.

In doing my research, it seems this is the best place to solidify some ideas and thoughts and bounce them around some experts... what follows are what I plan on making. I don't mind doing multiple smoking sessions for different tastes... so feel free to let the ideas flow.

Sweet American Style Bacon
Savory American Style Bacon
Canadian Bacon (smoked, ready to eat type)
Pancetta (unsmoked, so it's immaterial)

For the sweet American bacon, I was thinking of using traditional Hickory, perhaps with some Maple in it?

For the savory, I'm not too sure what would be best.

For the Canadian Bacon, pending on how much pork loin I get my hands on, I may just lump 1/2 in with the sweet smoke batch, and 1/2 with the savory smoke batch, unless otherwise suggested.

Also, I plan on using my dad's electric smoker... which type of smoking woods do I need? Chunks, chips, sawdust, etc. I've been looking around at different answers... your thoughts?

While smoking these mass quantites of Pork-- rummaging the forums made me think abotu doing the Buckboard bacon while I was at it to complete a bacon trifecta... but I couldn't find any detailed info on cures/brines for it or recipes.

Looking foward to your responces--- Smoke on.
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Welcome Billy

We've got some awsome bacon makers here! Here a few past posts to give you some ideas.

Smoked's Buckboard from scratch

No Nitrates Bacon

Dacdot's Belly Bacon

MRH's Belly Bacon

Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

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I just did canadian bacon over cherry wood and it was excellent!
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canadian bacon is always good with maple as well... you know canada-maple leaf..eh..lol
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smoke bacon with pecan wood for a real treat
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You Can't go wrong with Pecan.
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What about chips vs chunks vs dust in the electric smoker?
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If you're using your Dad's electric smoker, you should follow the owner's manual recommendations. Somewhere in this Forum is a Thread on "Woods for Smoking" (just can't recall where I stuck the darn thing).

Also, drop into Roll Call and tell everybody a bit about yourself. Thanks!!
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Pecan makes everything taste goodPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

When I did canadian bacon I used a mix of cherry and pecan. Came out real nice.

Haven't done any belly bacon (can't get my hands on the belliesicon_cry.gif ) but the buckboard bacon cure from Hi Mountain seasonings is hard to beaticon_cool.gif
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