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Howdy from Ontario

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Hey folks -

Although I've had a Weber Genesis gas grill for a few years, I took the plunge yesterday at my local Canadian Tire store, which is selling a Centro Electric Digital Smoker (on sale this week for $199 CDN). I believe it's the same as the Masterbuilt.

I've used the Weber to do briskets, pulled pork, ribs, turkey breasts, and chickens, with decent results, but the electric smoker seemed too good (and too foolproof) to pass up. Can't wait to give it a try.

I'm looking forward to learning from everyone's expertise here!
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welcome to SMF from a fellow Ontarian via Michigan

lots of friendly people here that are always willing to help and share their experiences

where yah from in Ontario? from the Soo here
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Welcome to the SMF low'n'slow. I think you are the third Canadian member to purchase a Centro Electric Digital Smoker in the last week.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Good luck with your new smoker and glad you found us!!
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welcome from Ohio
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Welcome aboard low'n'slow thats just how I like to do it to. Glad you joined up and hope you will stick around, it only gets better.
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I think I like the idea of filling her up and letting Jessie just add a few chips while I'm at work. Fresh smoked food during the week - hotdog!

... Sounds almost fool proof. Got me thinking for sure!

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Welcome to SMF low'n'slow!!! Glad to have ya here.
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Welcome there Low and Slow!
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Welcome, welcome! Glad you found us here at SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

Just outside Toronto and waiting for the weather to start looking like spring so I can start cooking!
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Welcome to the SMF Family, low'n'slow. We're always glad to have another member from the Northern Territories join us in the pursuit of the thin blue.

Take a moment and sign up for Tulsa Jeff's free 5-day eCourse. It doesn't matter what type of smoker you use, the info in the course is worth the few minutes it takes to sign up.

Looking forward to your posts.
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Welcome to SMF.
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Lo and slo
Coo roocookoo cu rukukuPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Welcome Eh fellow Ontarian
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Hey neighbor! Welcome to SMF ...

I'm located in Woodstock, just down the 401.

Perhaps I'll see ya at the Canadian Open BBQ Competition in Barrie this summer.

I think you'll like it here ... icon_biggrin.gif
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Glad to see so many fellow Canucks on board! Might just have to mosey up to Barrie, who knows? smile.gif
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Have you heard? The Hosers, Bob & Doug are having a reunion this summer..they're calling it ' The two four Anniversary ' on CBC
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Welcome to the SMF low'n'slow
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