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Got a new toy today for my b-day

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Okay gang,I couldn't wait any longer.....I just had to have a smoker to play with while I work on my homebuilt !
I thought it would be good to show the wife aka sharon ,what I thought would be a nice toy for me to play with !! anyways she took the bait it is ,it's a centro brand vertical electric,digital setting 100 to 275 degree max n min temps......whahoooooooooooooooo off to work tommorrow to order me a couple bellies to try my hand at bacon !! can't wait.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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congrats tim, let us know how it works
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That's nice t-bone
where did ya get that at and how much?
I been eyeballing the master built one
but I haven't pulled the trigger yet
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Hey Dawg,this was purchased at Canadian Tire $ 228.00 can ,taxes in .I will post more on it after tryin my VERY FIRST SMOKE ever ,will post pics as well !
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let me know how it works!
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Congrats T-Bone!

I did some looking as I've never heard of this smoker. I did find their website (which wasn't easy) and a forum which may have some information to heed but take with a grain of salt so to speak.

That being said have fun with your new smoker!

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Deejay ,just looking at the link you sent ,looks like all comments for centro bbq's ,I didn't notice any for smokers ,guess I'll just have to try it and post results ! thanks Tim.
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Yeah Tim I noticed that too but I just got a bit worried about whether you'd be safe with this company is all - do be careful just in case okay? It does look nice.
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That looks just like my MasterBuilt. You'll be thrilled with being able to set your temps right where you want them. If you find it is very similar to the MB check out Illini's post about how many chips to use and mod's ..... he is the resident MB guru. Great B-day present, now you owe her a great present for her next birthday/holiday!! Thats just how it works.........
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I went back and looked at the web site ........ That thing looks too much like a Masterbuilt. I'd bet Masterbuilt sells/licenses to Centro and allows them to use the Centro name. I bet you'll be very satisfied.
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could be the canadian version of the same thing.... like the chevy chevette in usa and the pontiac acadian in
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I learned to drive stick on my buddy's dad Chevette ........ what a hunk of **** ......... well, after I stripped his clutch!icon_lol.gif
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Enjoy your toy! Don't forget, we love pics of food pron!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Happy Birthday T-Bone icon_wink.gif

Can see that the name plate on the door says centro but it is a MES at heart!

Be sure to cure it before that first smoke....heat it up to 225* or so and after an hour add some chips for a couple of hours and she should be ready to go....just put in 3 or 4 chips about every 30 minutes...don't overdo it or you will run the risk of creosote inside....I use marshmallow size chunks and that works good too....just enough at one time to be able to see a little blue smoke coming out the top vent....I do not wet the wood at all....

Have fun and good luck!
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Marvin ,will do just that ,and post porn as smoke sessions take place !PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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I'm looking to buy the same one, let us know how it goes. Seems like it'd be real handy when smoking a lot of stuff.
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Nick ,I just seasoned it on Sunday ....jerky is in the cure monday at midnight be done on Wednesday ....bacon in the cure on Monday to be done a week from Sunday !! my first 2 smokes ...will let everyone know how it goes and of course the porn to go with it !!! wish me luck and thanks to all who have replied and posted in this forum for me to read and take a chance out on the limb ( where the fruit is !! ) thanks again all.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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