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deep fried ribs

dont knock it if you havnt tried them. some of the best ribs you will ever eat will be smoked for three hours foiled for two hours and instead of putting them back on the grill for the last hour, use your favorite cajan spice in a little flour and lightly cover them babies and drop em in your turkey fryer for about two minutes at 325 degrees and enjoy fall of the bone ribs with a dynamite crust. ummmmmm. im famous around these parts for deep fried ribs. i took a lot of heat when i first mentioned them..wildcat for pics, check my tread "salbaje gato "
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Did I read this wrong or did you say you deep fry corn on the cob? Doesn't it slpit or pop?
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I saw Bonny Flay show in Texas where this older guy at a dude ranch or something like it deep fried ribeye or sirloin steaks in a huge cauldron of oil. They even had a special name for them but I can't remember what it was. Here in West Texas we have carnitas whick are basically cut up pieces of pork but deep fried in lard. Shred them and wrap in a tortilla with salsa, guac, whatever.
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I must admit, years ago, I was hesitant the first time I had the opportunity of tasting a deep fried turkey. I am now hooked! They come out so juicey and tender, it is wonderful!

I like what salbaje gato suggests with finishing up smoked ribs in the fryer... I gotta try that!
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By all means, I'm not knocking anyone here......But it does seem alot of work to fire up the turkey fryer ( I have one too) just for a 2 minute cook, unless ya planning on frying other delectable items. PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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When I light off the turkey fryer my neighbors and I team up, I cook the turkeys one after the other for 3-4 of us. That way the oils is used once and the cost is split, No degradation from first to last in flavor, Color is darker for the last one.

Works great.

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Yep. I got to agree that to get your money out of the oil you need to do four or five birds.

And I got to admit, even at the risk of banishment, "Fried" turkey is the best, excepten' maybe smoked turkey legs.

Zapper ducks and heads for cover!
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Fried turkey is one of the best inventions ever! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I love it, my kids love it, my wife loves it, my grandkids love it, my whole family loves it, plus all my freinds! No banishment from here!
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I used to think fried turkeys were the best until I eat smoked ones and I'm not a big trukey person.

I did read somewhere today about smoking ribs and putting them in a peanutbutter batter and frying them. Talk about pumping up the fat!
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Well I got to be honest, we do like to mix it up a bit on the holiday turkeys. We probabally fry three to every two that we smoke to every one that we just plain roast 3:2:1 Fried:smoked:plain roasted.

But the smoked left overs are by far the best! Emmmmmmm, smoked turkey salad sandwhiches!
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I have fried a lot of goat ribs and they are wonderful.
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i saw goat ribs at a local market yeasterday, never saw them before, but i think ill do them next time i use the fryer. when ifire up the turkey fryer i usually do ribs first, french fries second, then either oysters, or frog legs last.
by that time, im ready for new oil. goood eats wildcat
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