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Cookshack Smokette II

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I am looking to buy a Cookshack Smokette II Does anyone have any experience with this smoker icon_question.gif
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I have 2 freinds that have cookshacks and really like them.The times I have had their Q it was ok but I havent cooked on one myself.
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I have a friend who has one as well and he loves it.

It does not work like most other smokers in that there is a really small hole at the top to ventilate.

I personally like it better to have greater air movement so that air does not get stale and also for better development of bark

What you have with the smokette is a pressure cooker with a chunk of wood in it. It is really easy to operate and works nice. It does weigh a ton but is very well built
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To add to Cheechs comments,I was going to by an electric smoker and went where they had several different models and the CookShack units were by far the best built as far as looking at the construction and visible quality.
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