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Please allow me to accept that man's punishment.
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Missed this post with the hotel info. Great info and looks like a nice place thanks
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Have tried to PM Chad and have not heard back. We need answers to a few questions. The pics that Ultramag sent looked like soft ground. Are there any pads for heavy RVs? It looks like it is wet there. We are carrying over 26,000 pounds and are worrying about sinking!!!

Early on, it was mentioned that there is no dump station but that there would be alternative dump information??? We really need to know.

Understand that the tribal leadership is concerned with water consumption. Due to our CCC (carying cargo weight) we can not travel long distances with full tank. Need to know the nearest place we can fill up with potable water?

Also would like to know amp service - is it 30 or 50 amps?
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wishing we could make it - would crash bud's place -lol & feed them for grub & board.... but we may be having the newest smf member tonight or tomorrow... stubborn kid...pics coming as it happens-
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Your PM has already been responded to before I saw this. I was busy yesterday taking care of personal business on my day off. I will try and call tonite and get this resolved with you.
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Thanks Chad, I just sent you a PM.
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just my 2 cents worth. as an ex electrician & camper - 30 amp main is pretty standard.50 won't hurt anything but unless ya got a 220v clothes dryer- 30 is the rule. hope it helps
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No clothes dryer, I know our RV excepts either 30 or 50.....not sure if you can run everything with a 30....Bud(hubby) knows more about this then I do and were both still learningicon_redface.gif
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Fellow gatherees, I regretfully have to bow out for this weekends festivities. My oldest and dearest friend has passed on to meet Christ and I have to go to Portland for a memorial service on Friday Morning. Saturday his ashes will be spread on his favorite mountain fishing lake and I and my brother will join in with his pipe club to enjoy an English blend and a day of fishing in his honor.
I know all of you were counting on me making breakfast and it saddens me to relay this news to you. Most of all I feel bad for SmkyOky, because my smoker will not be available to him. Hopefully someone else can accomidate him.
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend. I wish I could be there, but that as they say, is the way the ball bounces.
Thanks all,
Tom Valeika
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Tom, I am sorry to hear of your friend's passing. My condolences and prayers to you and his family.

Take care...
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Tonto -
Our toyhauler has 50 amp electrical but we rarely get 50 amp service to plug in to. It does fine with 30 amp, runs the AC, fridge, microwave, furnace, lights, water pump, battery charger, whatever we are using. You just have to have the correct adapter plug to go from 50 to 30, available at any RV place or WalMart carries them.
The pads at the sites are gravel, compacted crushed limestone. I think you will be fine.
Flying J at Peculiar has the dump station and fuel (gas or Diesel) in one drive thru location for RVs.
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Go in peace Tom. We will work out a way for SmokyOky to get the briskets done.

Prayers are with you and your friends family.

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Tom, I an sorry to hear of the passing of your dear friend. As PC stated, go in peace, and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends family.

Thanks for the info Mike smile.gif ...picked up an adapter the other day....still learning.wink.gif
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sorry to hear,but i bet he would appreciate the sendoff he is getting.
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I PM'd SmokyOky and let him know he is welcome to use our smoker. I also said we are taking as much wood as room will allow....might need some more for Saturdays smoke, if anyone can bring some extra it would be a good thing.
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Jane and I would like to move our breakfast burritos to SATURDAY morning. That would allow a bit of time to come up with another breakfast cooker and we would use up a lot of stuff we have to keep cold in limited space.
If no one wants to do breakfast Sunday morning I would be happy having my usual, raisin bran & milk, or make a run to a restaurant in Clinton.
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Sorry to hear this news Tom.

Mike, I can't imagine why you couldn't have Sat. morning for breakfast. For those who are planning meals, be aware this just cut the number of people almost in third. Tom was bringing 11 people if I remember correctly.
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Well folks it's almost 12 Midnight. We are headed out early tomorrow. As far as food and meals are concerned, we will figure it out and have a good time doing it. Staying at a RV park tomorrow that has wi fi and we will check in.

As I have said before, we are really looking forward to cooking some great groceries and chewing the fat. Safe trip to all and see you there!
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Have a great and safe trip... see ya there.
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You guys have a safe trip and if you need anything when you get in this neck of the woods, just give me a holler.
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