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Speaking of Paprika....did you know that it is supposed to be refrigerated after opening???
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I did'nt know Paprika needed to be refrigerated,thanks for the tip!And I did use table salt,that might have been why it was to salty!Thanks for the tips everyone!
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the wood...not the rub

I am guessing the type of wood you used? Was it green wood? I ruined a pork shoulder using green hickory...I smoked it to just the right temperature and believe me it had a terrible taste...No more fresh cut green hickory for me...If I would of quit smoking because of a bad turn out....I would of never made it to this forum...hehe!!! Never give up...Read all you can here and you can't help but get good at it...Just my thoughts...
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i didnt know it needed to go in the fridge

i usually use kosher salt or pickling salt... i know people say dont use it(pickling salt), you just have to be careful with it...

you just have learn to weigh salt instead of measuring it... once you get to know it, you will find that it dissolves in cold liquids as well as hot ones.

one ounce of pickling salt is still one ounce of kosher salt
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Easter dinner

Working with the help of the forum. Country pork ribs.
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And usually cheaper than Kosher salt ... it can be purchased iodined or non-iodized as well.
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About paprika.......

How To Store:
Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from heat, light and moisture. An ideal place would be a drawer or cupboard away from appliances. DO NOT STORE ABOVE THE STOVE. Will keep for 6 months to one year if stored properly. For longer storage, keep in refrigerator.


From what I've read, most will not have a problem with storage as paprika is a common ingredient in rubs and well, basically everything.

Personally, I find paprika tasteless to faintly mild for heat and sweetness. It's there mainly for colour.
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I always cut back on baby back. Re: 3-2-1 method. I use more like 2-1 1/2-1/2.
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I was suprised when I spotted the refrigerate after opening on my paprika spice container, had never known that, so I did a bit of reading and basically found out it should be stored between 40*-60*. So if you live in warmer climates, probably a good idea to keep it in the fridge for optimal freshness.
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This storage information is generally true for all herbs and spices. With the Q season starting up, storage won't be much of an issue.
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