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Local market had bone-in butts, two to a cryopac, for $.99 lb., picked up a two pac, weight 15.47 lb. total. Cheap butt.
They will see the interior of the ECB in the near future. I will do one the way I always do it, rub it, wrap it over night, smoke it, pull it, always great.
Any suggestions for a really good different way to do the other????
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Get yourself some Buckboard Bacon cure from Hi Mountain, and make some bacon out of the second one....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That sounds good, and is something I have not tried.
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I'm doing the same thing. Why do you make sure it's cold when you put in on the smoker? I was going to rub it and then immediately smoke it.
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Checked the Hi Mountain website, found a local store carries their products. Will visit there tomorrow!
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Mike -

Great price. Let us know how it turns out!
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Don't make sure it is cold, that's not the deal. I just coat it with mustard, rub it, and then wrap it tightly in clear plastic wrap and let it sit overnight in the fridge to give the rub time to work it's way in a bit. Then, before you are ready to put it on the smoker, let it sit out at room temp. unwrapped for 45 min. to an hour to come up to room temp. You should always have it at room temp. before putting it on the smoker. I usually let it sit out while getting the fire going and smoker ready. You can rub it and immediately smoke it. Putting the rub on and wrapping it adds a good bit of flavor. Your choice. Best of luck with it, bet it turns out fine. Let us know, and of course, pics!
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Thanks for the answer, good idea. And I've read that the mustard flavor burns off, so that's not an issue. I'll do that right now for my two shoulders and free up a little time tomorrow for myself.
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yup i have a big suggestion... let me know what you do and what time i should show up to

anything i should bring to go along with the meat?
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sorry, another question....are we taking the thick hide off these things??? The skin? Does it become "cracklin's?"
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I think I would remove it. Like PC said, pork rinds!
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Let us know how it goes Mike, I ordered the buckboard bacon cure last week and will be trying it myself for the first time when I recieve it.
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