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Saturday's brisket

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I've gotten my Pitmaster Deluxe back from my son after a 3 year loanicon_rolleyes.gif . Had to bribe him with a new Weber Kettle, but at least it's home. Now I have to get used to using it again.

I usually smoke a brisket or a butt for weeknight dinners when we don't have time to cook. This week I did a brisket.

Here is a 15# packer after about 5 hours. Smoking with Royal Oak briquettes and hickory chunks. The mop sauce was Gold Buckle brisket sauce.

Here it is at 170* just before I put it in pan and foiled(I had just added the trip tip for yesterdays dinner.

And after resting and slicing here is a pic of some of the sliced flat. Very juicy and tender.
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I need a bib, NOW!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Nice food porn Cajunsmoker ... can even see how moist it is in the last pic sliced ... yummy!
Thanks for sharing ....

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nice!!! nice smoke ring too.
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Where’s the horseradish Rodger? icon_eek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks damn good Rodger I'll Take a pound of that already have the cold beer.
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Looks good Rodger....I finally found that Gold Buckle brisket sauce up here...going to be trying it out soon...icon_lol.gif
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looks very tasty...
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Now I am mad I couldn't find any decent beef and have to settle for ribs. Looking good Cajunsmoker.
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I despise you. Somebody just freakin' shoot me.
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Great looking brisket cajunsmoker. I just finished up the last of mine today.. now I want more

Keep Smokin
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Rodger -

That's really great looking food! Sure am glad I just ate ...

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good looking brisket i made one three weekends ago and my sixteen year old just went threw it like a hot knife threw butter he just cant get enough of the stuff i had to make another the next weekend i cant post pics so i did not post it they are good keep up the good work
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great looking brisket rodger, iwould send you a pic of mine that i cooked friday, but imm afraid its gonna be all gone by the time i get these pics to download. nice smoke ring wildcat
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Fantastic looking brisket Cajun, with a great smoke ring to boot.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Gold Buckle brisket sauce??? Do tell.
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Fine looking brisket Roger. Puts me in the mood ..... perhaps next weekend.
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Hey Tonto, here is a pic of the sauce. Bad photo, but it is made by Allegro if that helps any.

Thanks Bill, glad to see you, been wondering about you.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great job! BTW, did you use a rub on that bad boy? I can't see it from the photo.

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Rodger told me about that sauce some time ago...and I am just now finding it here in a super wally world....going to be trying it soon myself...icon_smile.gif
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