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Thanks guys - I did make all but about 20 of those recipes over the years, but the ones I didn't looked looked so close to ones I tried I added them in anyway. I do have hundreds more but some I will never try and others it's all about time and freezer space. Many came from an old book I bought back in high school from "the Double Day Bargain Book Club." I haven't tried many of Rytek Kutas recipes yet I hear they are quite good.

Jim -

Landjager didn't ring any bells but I found a recipe in Kutas book. Mind you I've never tried it but here it is:

7 tablespoons salt
2 teaspoons instacure #2
3 tablespoons corn syrup solids
1 teaspoon ground white pepper
1 teaspoon ground caraway seeds
1 teaspoon ground coiander
1-1/2 cup fermento
3 tablespoons powders dextrose
7-1/2 pounds lean beef
2-1/2 pounds fat pork
1 tablespoon cardamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg

Chil meat to 32- 34°F before grinding. Grind through a 1/4" plate. Add ingrediants and mix well. Stuff loosely in 32-35 mm hog casings with links about 7-8" long.

Sausage is held at 70-75°F for 3 to 4 days with humidity of 70-80%. Sausage is then placed in a wooden mold and pressed into a unique flat but oblong shape. Sausages are then placed on smokehouse sticks and held at room temperature of 52-55°F for two days, drying with hmidity around 70%.

Sausage is colg smoked until desired color is obtained. Be sure the smoke never exceeds 80°F.

Note: Follow recommended procedures for destroying Trichinae before making sausages.

This would be to freeze the meat a follows:
5°F for 20 days
-10°F for 10 days
-20°F for 6 days

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Thanks Debi! I found your website to be loaded with a wealth of information. What brought me to it was I could not figure out what a fatty was, being the Newbie I am and all. Thanks to your website I now know what one is and how to make them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
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Thanks for the recipes. I was just recently gettin the bug for tryin to make my own sausage so this comes at a great time.Your site is the 2nd greates one I use. Sorry SMF #1. Sure ya understand. Well it is more of a tie between them. I sound like a dumba$$ so nevermind ya rock.
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What an awesome site. A wealth of information and knowledge.
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Well I can't seem to find any words that everyone else hasn't already I'll just say Thanks Much!!
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Thanks all -my site was not designed to compete with SMF but to be an extension of it - for our members. Of course anyone can use it but it's for the family!
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Thanks Debi for your continual contributions to this forum.
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Dutch, I wanted to say thanks for another fantastic recipe. I cooked up a batch of the cowboy gravy for our Biscuits and Gravy tailgate yesterday, and it was a HUGE hit. I even had multiple requests to make the exact same thing next week. Because of this forum, my friends think I'm an all-star chef. I love it.
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Sausage Recipes

I couldn't find the recipes for downloading. Are they somewhere else that I would be able to access them?
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I believe the link was removed by SMF administrators, if you Google DeejayDebi you should find them.
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Thanks much debi i have all this left over turkey am going to try the turkey sausage first then some more of them.great websitePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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just curious, but if Debi has been banned, and the link in the first post no longer works... why is this still a sticky post?
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You made a good point!
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Thread is Unstuck
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I couldn't find it. Seems something is a-miss here....
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The link was removed by the Admin of this board.
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Debi I am new on the site...How would I find those sausage recipes...and download..I clicked on that address and went to the to the location...but did not see anything that told me about sausage recipes..

Maybe you or someone could help me out!

Old Bill
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Hey bill! The link to debby's site has been blocked due to a member ban. I'll pm you at the other site.
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Well thanks a lot toit...I was beginning to feel kind of
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