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Hot Damn!

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Well my fellow smokers. I picked up one of these fine GOSM units from Bass Pro Shops today.

After last summer's battlefest with the H20 Charbroiler smoker thingy thing I bought, we decided we'd upgrade... so we did.

I'm moving on from charcoal to propane.... and hopefully going to love the upgarde.

Anyway, this is an update, as I've been MIA in for a while now (you can thank the snow :) ) I'm going to season this new smoker tomrorow and try some of the famed ABT's and a few sausages (I've had yet to miss with them :) )/.. next weekend will be some ribs, and then I get to build a new deck, so after that we'll see what happens. I figure worst case scenario I'll be building a new deck, smoking some ABT's and drinking beers, but I'll let you know :)

Awesome pictures in the smoking sections above by the way. Some new faces, and some awesome looking food up there :D

Do you guys have any types outside of the manual on seasoning this this new GOSM (Deluxe) I picked up today?

Thanks guys, and looking forward to another season of learning with the crew here! :D
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Ty -

Did you read this article by Tulsa Jeff on the GOSM?

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off topic here but where in ontario are you from Tys?
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Some will put a thin coat of vegetable oil on the inside of the smoker and then fire it up with smoke for an hour or so.

I seasoned mine by following the directions in the manual and was fine.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks Debi, I did and I've actually been checking out your site. You have some great info there.

teacup, I've been in Southwestern Ontario for a few years now, originally from Northern Ontario.

I have to say the GOSM sure makes the smoking process ALOT easier. I cured it as per the instructions... although I had a hard time keeping the temperature down around the 125 mark. I gave it a couple of hours, just to be safe.

We did some ABT's and a few sausages for the first smoke of the season, with a couple of Pork Butt and a round of ABT's on the menu for Fridays get together :)
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Tys, I bought my Brinkmann All in one gas/char/ water smoker from the same store (online) so obviously you compared your new one to mine before buying. What makes the gosm better, in your opinion?
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Hi keywesmoke,

I wouldn't say it's any better.

I picked it because of the easy access to the foods (any front loading style offers this in my opinion), and the easy heat management.

One thing (outside of doing battle with the charcoal) I didn' like about my old Charbroil H20 was having to remove racks of food to get to whatever was being smoked on the lower rack. The one I bought also has more racks... so I can load it up more :)
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The GOSM has doors! Our ECB All in Ones don't. A PITA sometimes.
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