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Today is the day...Lets do it....
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Got my last one in! Here's hoping!

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Been away for a couple of days, just didder again.
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For those of you who may have been wondering Jon Brough, despite our effort, did not win. Another fine and deserving officer, Carl Andolina, won the top award from "America's Most Wanted".

All of our effort was not in vain. We helped draw Jon into the finals and I am sure that our Smokin' Brother, MidWestCop, will pass on our good wishes for him and his loved ones.

With this I will unstick this thread and remind everyone of the debt we all owe to all of our uniformed protectors from emergency personnel to police and to our armed forces.

God Bless then all!


God Bless America!
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I was wondering if he won????

Any update??


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Unfortunately he didn't win ....icon_sad.gif
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