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Missed this the first time around. I never saw the thread but he got my vote today!
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Got my vote in for today! Looks like the names around our Top Cop have changed but he is right there in the top three! Vote every day and let's give a man a break he needs and deserves! Thanks, Jon!

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Voted and a BUMP!!!!
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Voted just before I logged on. Good news! Jon Brough is still in the top three! We're gonna send hiom over the top! Keep it up!

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I've been in law enforcement for 17 years. He's got my vote!
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Just a reminder, folks. We can give Jon one vote per day per email address. Thanks!

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there... got my votes again for the day
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Me too PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Just voted. Jon is still in the top three! lets make him #1!
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It's another day... another round of voting...lets keep it going...
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Voted and BUMPED!
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Just found this thread. My wife use to be cop here in Philly. Got beat up pretty bad. I'm kind of glad she got out. Got my vote today and will keep getting them.
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Just popped in my vote.

Looks like Jon is in the running with the same two competitors. Let's be sure to keep up the effort!

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just voted.
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voted now it is your turn
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Voted again..............
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Just popped in my vote. Looks like our hero is still in the top three! Way to go!

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Once again ...... CLICK!!
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Voted again!
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