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It seems that voting has been closed for Jon Brough's group. He is listed as a "Finalist"! So it appears he is in the running! MidWestCop, please post the results here for us so we will know how our favorite cop did!
Thanks everyone who joined in!
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Oh, No!! Don't tell me that you were once a "bad guy" Mike!!!eek.gif Just kidding. Did that line of work myself. Proud member of BOLD (Benevolent Order of Law Dawgs) #624 . He's got my vote, MidWestCop!
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Well everyone in my address book voted for Jon that's an extra 35 votes!

Hey we won round one!
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Mark Your Calendars!

Beginning April 19 and ending May 8 the All Star America's Most Wanted voting begins. Rules are the same...one vote per email addres per day. This thread will remain a sticky through the voting period and final announcements.

Let's help give Jon Brough the boost he so deserves and which he earned at such great personal cost!

Thanks to all who have participated so far!

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Beginning at 12:01 AM Thursday, 04/19/07 Voting begins for the Top Responder of 2006! Jon Brough deserves all the support we can give him! He is a dear friend of one of our own and deserves the top spot awardd By "Americas's Most Wanted" for 2006!

Please read Jon's story if you have not already. This man has given more to his community than can be expected! Hoorah, Jon!

Please follow the links given earlier in this thread To give your vote for our adopted hero!

And remember you can vote once daily per email address!

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Lets make him the winner this time....
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Votes in

Can't thank persons like him enough!!!
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Vote is in!

Voted today!
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Got mine today also.
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Just a ping to keep the votes rolling!

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bumping this to the top...

got my votes today
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I voted! Jessie Voted! emailing my pals again ...
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Thanks, everyone!

While I am well aware that this is not topic related it is the least we can do to give back just a little bit to those who make our lifestyle possible!

Let's keep on keepin' on and hopefully our favorite cop will get a boost!

Been there, done that, and really appreciate Jon Brough!

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Your all awesome

looks like your all aware already that We voted him as a finalist. Now it's time to start voting to make him win it all. You can use as many e-mail addresses as you have once per day and can vote every day.

Here is the link:

thank you so much everyone, I would have posted this earlier but been workin alot, now that its warmin up the crazies are coming out of hybernation
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two more today...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good News! When I voted this afternoon a sideboard said that Jon Brough is in the top three for votes! Keep it going!

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Voted. Great to see that John Brough is in the top three votes for today. Let's try to keep it that way.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Got my two votes in for the day!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Just voted. We are helping keep Jon in the top three! Great effort and let's keep on keepin' on!

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working on it (I have 7 email addys) icon_mrgreen.gif
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