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Welcome Flash!
Let's see a pic ofthat Brinkmann. Mine is above, 1975 model.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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LOL, well Mike, I am getting forgetfull in my old age. Maybe I should have said 30 + years of age on my R2D2.

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welcome and enjoy
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Well, I tried, the map just will not show up.
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Welcome to the forum Flash!
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You will need the latest adobe flash player downloaded and enabled. Also check to make sure your computer doesn't recognize it as a pop up, you may need to allow this page. Good Luck and keep trying
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What do you think of your vertical Great Outdoors?? I have been smokin' mine for 3 years...tend to have trouble gettin' temp up to 225 and keepin' consistent, when using H20 pan.

Temp stays around 190...I have never 'verified' my thermometer. Just ate some ribs tonight...cooked 5 racks on Sat...mmmm ....
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TYW, my GOSM works very well. I have verified the door thermo and I also use an internal thermometer along with temp probes on the meat. I don't have any problems maintaining temps - but IMHO it is easier to control the temps on a gasser than other traditional methods. I will move along to stick burning some time, right now I just prefer to take it easy.

Keep Smokin
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I love it. Easier access than the R2D2 Brinkman. If you use sand you will see a more constant temp. Highest I have gotten is 250*. Of course it helps having the summer heat of Florida. If I am smoking a single item and it is during the cooler months, I will use the Brinkman. I can get the temps higher in it.

Also got the Push Pin in the map.....put another Floridian on the map!!
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