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Hello All

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Hi guys, Im Brian and I live in Denver..Ive been grillin and deep fryin ever since I can remember.. Im a computer guy by trade, but play a welder and fabricator on TV.. Im getting ready to make my first smoker/grill here in a bit.. Ill throw some plans and pics up as I get 'em.. Made my first post in the Propane smoker section.. Lets burn some meat and drink some beers..PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Welcome aboard, Crackhead!

Happy that you found our nice little corner of the Cyberworld! We are a fun group dedicated to the art of smoking meat and having fun while doing so! We're all friends and actually more like a family! So c'mon in and get comfy with us!

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welcome aboard
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Welcome to SMF crackhead - we can always use a good traded computer guy.. and an actor to boot .. lol.. looking forward to your posts. Check out Jeff's 5-day eCourse there's lots of good smokin info there.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome Brian -

Feel free to share some of your past endeavers as well as new. You'll get alot of help with your build if you need it as well.
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Howdy, Brian-glad that you're here with us. Sit back, pop open a cold one and read through the many threads that make up SMF. See what others have done both food and home built smokers.

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Welcome, welcome! Glad you are here.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF crackhead!!!
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Welcome to the forum Crackhead
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Welcome, you will find ALL sorts of ideas and help here, I have.

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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the SMF PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I don't eat burnt meat or dink beer, but welcome to SMF anyway.
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welcome to smf, crackhead, lol. i got your pm and will reply back to you there.
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ok, i couldn't add pics off my pc (not that i could figure out) in my reply to you, so i will post them here. these pics show the variuos stages it has been in. in the third pic, when i first made it. the 2nd pic i moved the smokestack so it exited out of the end, instead of the top. the 1st pic i painted it flat black. the 4th pic shows how the firebox is joined to the food chamber.the last pic shows the firebox inside, where it is joined to the food chamber. maybe this will help some others. i have added insulation to it, also. my temps stay anywhere from the same on each end, to 25° apart. depends on what i have in there. i made some new food racks last week at work. i took 1" angle iron and made two frames. then i took some epanded metal and welded it on top of them, so when they are in there, it looks like one big rack.
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here is a pic with the insulation on it. i got this insulation from a contractor at work, that is installing this stuff on the exhaust ducts of our furnaces. it is fire proof, and our ducts get over 2000°f, so i am sure it is safe to use on a smoker. i haven't had any problems with it. the foil tape i used is crappy, so i took some of the tape the contractor uses. i got 2 new rolls, and 2 partial rolls. i am going to redo it, using his tape.
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