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Drilled Pipe Burners??

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Im getting ready to make my 55gal drum smoker/grill and want to run propane in the main box so I can broil if I want to.. I think my most economical way to do this is to make some drilled pipe burners.. I cant find anyone on the net that's made 'em before.. Anyone?? Help a brotha out here.. Im about to just start on blind faith..
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Not sure if this will help CH, but here is a thread were cajunsmoker turned his charcoal smoker into a propane burner.

If not, I'm sure someone will chime in soon enough.Why don't you stop by ROLL CALL and introduce yourself so folks can say Hi.

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Heya, Crackhead!

How 'bout you use some "repair" grill parts that are avaiable everywhere. You would be better off using a proper regulator and burners. Make sense?

And git yerself up to Roll Call and let us all know a bit about you!

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Hi Crackhead (my son has a cat named crackheadrolleyes.gif ). If I wanted to do a drilled pipe burner I would go to the hardware store and get a Log Lighter bar. It is a piece of 3/8 or 1/2" steel pipe (ungalvanized) with an air shutter and orifice built in. The pipe is already drilled with the proper size holes in the correct amount and orientation. Make sure it is for LP not Nat gas.
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I originaly thought about a replacement burner, but thats no fun.. The log lighter bars are real close to what I need.. Im going to go check out a few fireplace places areound here and take alook a one.. The flames on those look real big, so I might have to make some sort of diffuser..
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So lets say that I use a replacement burner.. What would I use as a valve?? If I used a pipe burner or log starter, i would just use the regulator on my hose.. How would I do that with a burner.. I could prob figure it out, but I dont have one in front of me..
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Two sources for a valve; Buy new or look around your neighborhood. There are literally thousands of perfectly good valve systems that get junked daily thanks to our throw away life style.

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Man, I'd leave stuff like this to the people that know how big the holes should be, how much pressure, how much to choke air, etc. I don't like electricity and I don't like gas. I leave that stuff to people who are paid to know it. Store-bought burner, here I'd come!
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