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todays gobble gobble

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i am attempting a turkey today (wings and drumsticks removed)

brined in natural apple juice and various spices

layed bacon down on the expose breast meat and wrapped in cheesecloth

resting in the fridge right now

smoking with 3-1 apple/hickory wood mixture

pics not real clear...batteries on camera going dead

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Very nice please let us know how it turns out?

What kind of wood are you planning on using?
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3 parts apple..1 part hickory
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looks good teacup, but may i ask, why the cheesecloth? will u smoke it in that also?PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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That should be pretty tasty!

The closest I ever came to smoking meat was making a turkey on a weber kettle...long time ago.

Post pix.

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I got a Que-stion too. Why did you take the wings & legs off? It shouldn't run away by now. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Just curious.

Can't wait to see pics!
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ROFLOL...................can i have the legs? smoked turkey legs are the best!wink.gif
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bbq bubba -
i put the cheesecloth on it because it doesnt get really dark that way and the cheesecloth holds the moisture a little longer than just spraying on the bird itself..

BigAL -
i didnt take the wings and the legs off, the bird came that way...was cheaper than a regular turkey

as for the legs, well i dont much care for them anymore... you guys ever been to a state fair? well i use to cook those giant turkey legs and have kind of lost my taste for smoke turkey legs..lol

pics coming soon as i find some new batteries for my camera..lol
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well couldnt find any batteries... so i took a couple of quick pics with almost dead ones...

turkey just about 2 hours into smoke

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Thank's for the cheesecloth idea, TeacupPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

BTW, there should be a law against HAZY food porn!!! PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
Get that pit up to temp and go get some batterie's..........lol
bird looks great!
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some updates...

cranked up the heat to start browning a little more...about another hour and it should be done

spritz'd the whole time with a combo of natural apple juice,coke and franks hot sauce

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finished result - clear pic - new batteries..lol

its all done...

will give a final taste and moisture report when it has rested and the missus is home from work...

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Looks great teacup... thanks for sharing the pics with us. Looks kind of funny without the legs and wings.

Keep Smokin
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the next time you are at your local grocer, look in the frozen turkey section, you will see them, most say "turkey breast" on them but in small print it says wings,legs removed, some cavity left on.

its ok because the missus and i prefer the breast when i cook them on the grill or smoker.

BTW.. the results are in for this smoke..

this is the best turkey that i have done. juiciest one i have ever made..

i will not cook a turkey without brining it from now on, no matter how i end up cooking it
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Looks good teacup.

Doesn't the cheesecloth make the skin soggy?
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it does if you dont remove it about an hour b4 it is done...when i cranked up the heat thats when i removed the cheesecloth...i dont worry much about the skin because i am not allowed to eat it..lol

plus my smoker is propane so when you crank the heat, it will crisp anything..lol

side note:

here's what the missus said while eating it.
i suggested EVOO but she said no..it must be butter... i am suppose to watch the cholesterol, so when she said use butter, i wont question it..lol
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Good lookin' bird! Drool!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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little birds don't cut it around here so i'll get an 18 to 20 #er and cut the legs and wings off then bone the breast in one piece trying to keep as much skin as possible. Then brine all over night then tie the breast up with cotton string and throw on the ECB . breast first then the legs and wings later so it all finishes at the same time,, they always turn out mighty tasty and with the big bird you don't have to worry about not having enuff
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On a bird that big, you might wanna consider putting about 1/4 tsp./lb. Prague #1 in your brine to kinda cut down on bacteria growth while you’re trying to get that bird out of the danger zone. Mine wasn’t hammy tasting, but very rich tasting, more like dark meat tastes! Try it some time…it turned me from a thigh man to a breast man! icon_rolleyes.gif
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