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U guys have a safe trip, look forward to hearing from yaPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Folks, have a safe trip. Planning on looking the new addition over in June.
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Have a safe trip...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You better send me some pics with that loaded up.....

Well, you can post them here, that will be ok too. I have a tank that is just a tad bit larger than that, and I am seriously thinking of building me one. just have to go unhook it and get it loaded in my truck to bring it home.

Maybe that will be a good weekend project one of these days.

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Good luck and safe tri to you! Can't wait til you get back and crank it up!
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Well, were half way home with the new smoker. Here's a couple pics. I'm the real heavy gal behind Ben Lang.icon_redface.gif He is as even nicer than what folks say!!

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Look'n good guys!!! I'm jealous!

Hey Bud, did you get a hair cut? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Congrats guys! Be careful getting home. I expect to smell somethin good when the wind is out of the NE.

Give it a hug for me.
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icon_wink.gif Big Al. I am so glad to hear from you.PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif Today driving down the road hearing of the horrible destruction and death from the tornado in the small town in Kansas, you were in our thoughts and prayers as well as crazycajun, and all that were affected by this horrible tragedy.
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Half way home, and ya haven't even fired it up yet...get it fired up... throw a brisket or a couple racks of ribs in there, and have supper all cooked when you stop for the night.....biggrin.gif
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Bud and Theresa when is the first cook happening Im very curious to know how that reverse flow performs and how the meat tastes. Waiting for pictures and details.icon_lol.gif
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Ahhhhhhhhhhh, 2,200 miles in three days.... Tonto is in bed and dead to the world. But, the Lang is home!!!! What a piece of work, this cooker. Basic cooking, basic cuts, burns and welds. Please see pics .....

Pic one is the cooker; pic two is Warmer/cooker and fire box, the warmer /cooker with adjustable vents is only on about 6 other rigs so the jury is still out; pic 3 is the reverse flow passage under the cooking area of the main compartment; pic 4 is the char griller - can perk up the chicken skin and grill some steaks; pic 5 is the rig and finally Bud and a jack toasting the best of the trip: being safely home!
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Hey Bud, she's a beauty, glad to see u guys made it home safe, must have been a hell of a trip, tell theresa i said hi and i'll see ya this weekend!
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Sure is nice! Congrats guys and we sure are glad your home safely!
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That is one nice smoker! I bet you guys are grin'n from ear to ear! I'm happy for ya and glad your back home.............sooooooooo what are you waiting for! Fire that thing up!

Can't wait to hear about the first smoke!
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Hello Theresa & Bud
I'm (bbq bubbas) cuzin, Nice lookin rig there!!! Hope to meet up with u guy's @ a comp some time to check it out....DB BBQ (Danny)
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looks very very nice guys... congrats on the new baby and glad you guys made it back safely
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That is sweet! I have been lusting after the Mobile 60 for almost 2 years now; this is torture... 'cause now I see they have some new options! I was going for the basic roller, but now that I see yours... arrrggghhh!

Gotta put my rethinking cap on. confused.gifeek.gif

Bud, how far is Grand Rapids from southern MI; Monroe to be exact (just north of Toledo)? My sis and bro live out that way and I'll be traveling in that direction later this year for a visit. Just wondering if it would be feasable to see that piece of art in person... icon_mrgreen.gif
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Munroe Mi is 175 miles to Grand Rapids
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Phil, Monroe should be spelled "Munroe" but that is a story for another day. We are about 180 miles from Maumee Ohio. Would love to have you visit, just let us know.

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Thanks, I'll let you know when we get to "Munroe"! icon_mrgreen.gif
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