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Lang Mobile 60

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OK, here goes, have really been wanting to get a new smoker and am pretty sure this is what we have decided on, but have some questions.

I was hoping that maybe we could come up with a time for a chat session with anyone who thinks they might have somthing to say. I know nmayeux has this model and plan on sending him a PM, but myself and Bud have questions that are not only specific to this cooker.Any insights and or advise would be greatly appriciated. Thanks, Theresa & Bud.

Please chime in.

Here is a link to the cooker: http://www.pigroast.com/model60m.htm
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Great lookin' cooker..
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Do I smell competion cooking on the way???
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Thanks Cajun, would love to be able to "build our own, but just don't have the knowledge or equipment and where with all to do somthing like that, so........

Maybe some where down the road....one of the reasons we are considering somthing like this, but not exclusive to that end.
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Very nice pit.
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Very nice rig, Tonto! I've seen those before (on the internet), lotta thumbs up from people that have them.

My only question, why is the smoke stack so close to the fire box? Shouldn't it be at the other end to allow the smoke to flow around the meat and then out? It is also obvious that it works well, many satisfied customers.

When you get on the "circuit", be sure to include Great Bend, Kansas on your list. About 2.5 hrs E of me. I'll let you come and "practice" at my house!
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It is a reverse flow smoker,see :

What is a Reverse-Flow System?
Heat and smoke travel from the firebox into the cooker - but do
not go directtly into the cooking chamber. The heat and smoke
go under a steel plate inserted in the lower part of the cookers,
then circulate into the cooking chamber traveling under and over
the food racks and up the smoke stack.

Big Al, If I'm ever in your neck of the woods you can count on it!!!!!
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I would like to see a reverse flow in action and how the temps maintain in the barrel. Mine is not reverse flow but has some of the same set up features. Theresa your gonna have to get a big load of fire wood and lots of cold beverages for all them all night smokes.

I know yall havent bought it yet but looking forward to another Wood Burner In our fine family at SMF.icon_biggrin.gif
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That's a great smoker Tonto. i've PM'd with Noah about his and he says that dollar for dollar you can't beat a Lang. He loves his and says that he would have got the next larger size but it didn't fit in the garageicon_mrgreen.gif
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DO IT Theresa & Bud! You only live once, enjoy the ride!

It wouldn't be hard to sell if you didn't like it. I just wish I had more access to wood, then I'd be kiss'n some major wife butt!
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Marvin, from what we have read about the 60, it does a very good job maintaining temps in the barrell, end to end ....."you still have a hot spot, but a real hot spot is eliminated, giving you the maximum cooking space"...."you have some control of heat distribution by raising and lowering the hitch end, and if you really want even cooking tempts, you can fill the baffle with water"....I should add that these are both quotes for Nmayeux.

lol, looking for wood will take on a whole new meaning compared to what we are used to.

Roger, that's funny because we started out looking at the 48 moble, and thoght we would kick ourselves in the butt a year from now, wishing that we had bought something bigger.

Big Al, (Bud says you are a turd), thanks, that's how we are looking at it. You only go around once and this is something we enjoy doing. No vacations for a while. And, a lot of learning to do but that's half the fun.
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Theresa -

When you said you where looking for a new smoker I was thinking a stand alone of some sort not one you need a truck to pull! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Looking good there Theresa and Bud! So when's the party?
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BINGO! Forgot about that part Debi!

Bud & Theresa, you need a 2004 GMC YukonXL Denali......BLACK!

Get them both and send me a pic so I can droool!
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I’ve been looking at these smoker pits lately, they look kinda nice, course they don’t have the mobility and size of the one your considering…still? icon_rolleyes.gif
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Hey it's made in Georgia so you it's done rightPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

( Big Al everybody says your a turd)PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Tonto and I are looking at all possibilities and the Lang looks pretty good. Mobility is important.

Dwag, welcome. I'm a 'dwags fan and alumni.

Tonto just got her cast off, arm looks like peeling white paint....other wise, all is well in the world......baseball season starts Sunday.
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Bud and Theresa yall have gotten me all excited about that new smoker. I say go for the gusto and enjoy it to the fullest can't wait to see some pics of all the great vittles that come off it.
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Your a Georgia alumin and a Cleveland Indians fan
what up with that

What up with that
Go Braves PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

nice smoker too, How your wife will be on the chat all the time
with the arm better icon_rolleyes.gif

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Grew up in the South...........okay, south Akron, Ohio. But got my degree in business from UGA while i was in the Air Force in Warner Robins, Ga. Kids are peaches too.

Go Dwags!

Meanwhile, I have been a long suffering Injuns fan for over 50 years.
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Hi heard a lot of good things about the Lang cookers, you might want to take a look at these http://diamondplateproducts.com/ read a lot of good things about them on other forums they all so make backyard models I've been looking at them
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