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Todays Ribs

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Was having a case of the smokin fever today so decided to do some ribs. Had 3 racks of loin backs, soaked them in apple juice for 1 hour. Rubbed them with mustard then Tulsa Jeffs rib rub. Cooked them with hickory wood, the wind was very high here today so temps keep running between 225-240*. Did them at 2 1/2-.30-.30 turned out really great very tender and juicy with just a little texture. Just the way I like them.
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Those ribs look scrumdellyicious!! Teach me to eat oysters for dinner. Not a lot of meat on an oyster. Now that I see those ribs, I am wishing I had me a bone to gnaw on!
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Those ribs look like they need to be eaten real soon!!
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I just ate supper and I'm full......but lookin at them ribbys I got a little drool!!
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OUCH!!! I'm full too, but I think I could fit some of those ribs in!

Nice RACK Marvin!

As always, look'n dog-gone-good!

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Those look so good ........... I cant wait to throw some on this weekend ..........
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Oh yeahPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif , that's what ribs should look like.icon_exclaim.gif
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Marvin…ya did it again! Snap Crackle Drool! icon_rolleyes.gif
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very nice looking ribs...

makes want to cook the ribs i just picked up tonight NOW..lol
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looks like a nice smoke ring happinin there
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Great lookin' ribs...Thanks Marvin.
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Looks great Marvin! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the compliments they were great. I forgot to mention that I also used some plum wood along with the hickory. I think the plum was where the good smoke ring came from.
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Kudos (compliments to you!)

Nicetongue.gif Good looking, and I know they were good! Whish I could be there to help devour them, since i can't I'm a gonna do the ones I got Monday. I've been holding off til the rain was over and today it's clear and no wind . I should have an easy day. I'll try to borrow a csamera and send some pics.
I know, your all wondering if I weally,weally can. Tried again last night to get a shot of my doggie(CHIA). My computer wouldn't accept the camera.
I have to admit I'm a little computer illerate, but in time I'll catch on.
Anyway, nice ribs Marvin!
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Good looking ribs man!
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Absolutley delicious looking msmith.......drooling right now!!!!!!!!!
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those sure do look good, marvin. i might have to do some ribs this weekend.
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MArvin -

Those are great looking rib! Yessirie! Yummmmmmmmm icon_lol.gif
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Marvin, our hope is to q ribs that look half as good as those...wow!!
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