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Pics from Da Pigman

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Hopefully these will show you my way
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Here you can see thin blue smoke........................
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Drooling at 5:10 AM!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Very cool pics Pigman,looks delicious!!!!!! Now that's a whole lotta pig.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking very good pigman. How long does it normally take you to cook one of them. Do you skin them or leave it on. The next one that I smoke I'm gonna have it skined and see how it turns out, should cut down on the cooking time to. Here is a pic of the one I did.
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That's a lotta good lookin' chow!

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I`m licking my chops here, YUMMY, Welcome to the SMF Da Pigman !!
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I do them with the skin off and they rotate in the cooker which keeps the juices flowing inside of the pig. 200lb. 10hrs. The gear reduction box is a 900 to 1. Skinned is the only way they sold whole hogs years ago because they were afraid of desease. This also elimanates the mess skining after. I have higher heat under the shoulder because it takes longer to cook.
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Pigman, that's great looking food. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Looking forward to more good stuff from you!

Keep Smokin
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Nice pics, Pigman & Msmith. My Dad & I have done one before. ALOT OF WORK!!! The one we did was about 80-100#'s(can't remember). We had leftover pig forever it seamed. Had a great time doing it.

Nice pics

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That is an awsome cooker .............. sure your gonna let that go?

Thanks for sharing the pic's ......... bet the family wants a reunion every month now!!!!!
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Great pics Pigman, thanks for sharing.
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