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Vacuum curing

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I have a pork belly that is divided into 3 pieces, they all have Tender Quick cure on them and some assorted spices (Dry rubbed). I used a vacuum sealer and they are in the fridge. How long do you experts think I should let them cure? Each is right at 3 lbs and not over 2 inches thick or so. i have heard that the vacuum sealing speeds up the process. I don't want to over or under cure them.

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Don't know about tender quick but with buckboard bacon cure you go about 10 days.
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I dont know diddly bout bacon, except that I LIKE IT, and I use the fat for alot of things, specially smoked taters. Anyway, bout the vacuum curing, what I know about this is that if you were to want to marinate something for say overnight, vacuum sealing it could get the job done in half that time. I am interested to see how this one turns out for you. Much luck

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Id let it go at least five days.
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