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Smoking Prime Rib

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Hello all,

I have been asked to smoke up some chickens and also some prime rib for sandwhiches. Any suggestions on the prime rib would be helpful. For example... how many servings per pound, how many sandwhiches to expect per roast. I believe the prime rib roasts I am getting are between 13 and 16 lbs. I need to prepare for almost 300 people. Any help please!!!

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300 people.. wow! How many of those prime rib roasts you planning on cooking? If you figure 3 oz per person that's 900 oz of meat or pushing 60 lbs of meat. It all depends on how thin you slice the meat and how heavy the sandwiches will be. You should be able to shoot for less than 3 oz serving with the chicken and the rest of the food being served. At 1 oz serving you are looking at about 20 lbs or 30 lbs for 1.5 oz.

Not a huge undertaking in it's own right, but how many chickens will be smoked too? Allow yourself plenty of time to finish. Good Luck

Keep Smokin
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You might want to figure a little higher on the prime rib. I know if I had a choice between chicken and prime rib............well, it wouldn't be a hard decision.

PC knows his stuff, not much else, but he does know his stuff PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif ........did I say that out loud?

I do have to agree w/PC. It all depends on the crowd. 1/2 women 1/2 men, go w/PC. All women you could use less prime rib, all men MUCH less chicken and much more prime rib.

See if you can find out how many women, men, children will be there. Makes a big difference.

good luck Bo Cephus!
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PC and Big Al,

Thanks a bunch. The crowd will be mixed but it is for a Fire Department event, so probably alot of hungry fireman, meaning lots of Prime Rib. However, the cost of the prime rib being $6 to $7 a pound might change their mind. None the less the smoker will be busy. I just did the same group of people two weeks ago and the menu was as follows, 8 briskets, 24 whole chickens, 8 shoulders, 18 rack of babies, 18 racks of spares, the unfortunate part was the ice storm that came and cut the attendance to only 100 people. Anyways thanks for the information, and one of these days I will finally get a picture of the smoker so you can see how all all of that meat could possibly be done. I knew there was a good use for an old bulk milk tank. take care

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BULK MILK TANK!!! icon_eek.gif Tanker? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Firemen/women are a special group in everyones heart. Tell the one your buy'n the meat from who it is for, should get a pretty good break. Only the best as far as I'm concerned.

Tough question.

Good luck BC, take plenty of pics.
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I would figure at least 1/2 lb/person before cooking. It would also depend if the prime rib was lip on or off. My guess would be that self-serve for firefighters = lots of food. Don't run out, is my motto.
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