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Hi Cheech, Yes that is all there is to it...Just mix 3 parts Apple Juice and 1 part of your choice...Burbon, etc. I tried my Captain Morgan original spiced rum...I liked gave the meat a nice bark too...many use Jack Daniels with the apple juice and I am sure there are others you could if you come up with something else.....please let us know...

If you do try the Capt....let us know what you think.

Have fun.......Steve
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Captain Morgan is good with Coke or Dr. Pepper for you.....and apple juice for your Smok'in......hehe!!!
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did you use a rub durring your preperation before the smoke?
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I love Captain and Dr Pepper! I'm thinkin' some ribs smoked usin' 1 part Captain and 3 parts Dr Pepper as my spray! I used Dr Pepper for my liquid during the foil wrap time on my first rack of baby backs last week and they tasted AWESOME. I'm thinkin' some Captain and DP babies would be even better! icon_eek.gif
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anybody thought about injecting it?
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Yeah, but I'm afraid the needle tracks on my arms wouldn't look good at work! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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icon_biggrin.gif good one porkbut
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I have used the spiced rum mixed with h2o 1/2 and 1/2 several times on just @ everything and REALLY like it and so has all that has eaten what I fix.
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Good Morning all,

I introduced the Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum a while back to be used in your spritz. I have never been a fan of Jack Daniel's really and have had great results with the Captain Morgan's rum...Just wondering if anyone has found a spritz they like better than the Captain Morgan's?

I have been away from the forum, so have not kept up with spritz, sauces, etc. Got to catch back up...

Have Fun Smok'in!!!!

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Been using capt. morgan and apple juice for a while now. I agree its one of the best sprays there is. Also use the capt. on my salmon before putting my dry brine on. I believe I got the idea from erain.
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I normally use apple juice and southern comfort. I spray everything with it.
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Cool suggestion here.  I'm trying something similar today on a couple pork shoulders.  1 part Anisette, 2 parts Capt Morgan, 6 parts apple cider... Smells delicious.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Did a half ham on Friday and spritzed it with pineapple juice & Maker's Mark mixed 2 to 1. Man that ham was good.

I usually strain the pineapple juice through a coffee filter to keep it from clogging the spray bottle head. Just put a coffee filter in a funnel and let it drip. I buy the small 6 ounce Dole cans of juice as one of those cans is just enough to make up a spray bottle full and I don't have to figure out what to do with the rest of a quart of half gallon bottle which is now open for just a little.
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FYI - The shoulders turned out amazing... and the leftovers were even better in a smoked pork chili!

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Originally Posted by BigAL View Post

did you spray the meat or your mouth? icon_lol.gif

good idea, you did prop your foot up on a bucket as you sprayed the meat, right?
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