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Such a beautiful creation..Glad your happy with it...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Bump! Good job for the newbies too see!
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That is a work of art. Got to be worth all the time and hard work. Congrats! And thanks for all the info through the build, nice thread.
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Damn fine job there Coz! I'd never really understood the Stumps concept before. I wish I had the time to build something like that but I don't. My current project is a fridge smoker and after seeing what you have dome I'm rethinking my firebox concept. The gravity feed design has a lot going for it. I'm thinking I could build something like that attached to the side of my fridge. Won't be as nice or as pretty as yours though, again, you did a great job on that machine.
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I am part way thru the second one now.I have stuck to the basic Stumps concept with some small changes.This cooker has been a pretty good tool for me.If you have the means and the time its a fun build and will last a long time.If not Walter and the boys at Stumps build a wonderful unit.I had a good look and talked with a comp team that has one of the new ones and they are very happy with it.
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I'm waiting for ya to put the first one up for sale!!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Looks like a darn good e-bay item to me.
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Bubba,when and if I decide to pedal the first one I have several of my friends who have been around when I have cooked on her ready with cash in hand.I want to decide on a design that does exactly what I want and build a pair to mount on a trailer for doing a few comps.I spent a little time on the phone with the Guru people last nite and am building a provision in the future units to be able to put Gurus on.
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'68 Judge? GTO? I din't think there WAS such a car?
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Just found this thread. Gonna leave it till later when I got more time, but COOL!
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