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Pork Shoulder Roast

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I did a pork shoulder roast today and it turned out fantastic. I made pulled pork with it. I started with a 4lb roast and put my rub on it last night and wrapped it in saran and put it in the fridge for the night. I started my offset smoker at about 9:00am and put the roast on at about 10:00am. I used kingsford lump coal with the minion method. I used royal oak lump coal as my starter coal as the kingsford tends to spark alot when there is alot of air flow. I found that the royal oak doesn't burn as long at the kingsford but doesn't spark like the kingsford when it is being lit. I used hichory and cherry wood. After the roast cooked for 2 hours the then spayed it with apple juice and tuned it over as it had it in a foil pan. I then sprayed it with apple juice every hour until it reached 140 degrees. I then cover it with foil and let it cook until it was 205 degrees. I then took it off the Q and put another layer of foil around it and let it set for about an hour and a half. After the hour and a half I took it out of the foil and started the pulling process. I've never had a pork roast sooooo moist and tender. I had invited a coworker over for dinner and he was very impressed. He also loved the bbq sauce I made. I used Jeff's rub and sauce recipie. This is my 4th weekend doing bbq with my new smoker. The first couple of weeks the Q turned out ok but not what I was hoping for. I think I've figured out the fire thing and am a very happy camper. I don't know why I waited sooo long in my life to start bbqing and not grilling. I've been grilling for many years. This is by far the best food I've ever cooked. I'm just loving this process. The payoff at the end of the process is so worth the wait. Slow and low with smoke is the only way to cook. I'm really looking forward to left overs the rest of the week. I also cooked up a slab of spare ribs. They turned out very very good also. I used the 321 method. I sent my buddy home with some pulled pork and 4 ribs. He couldn't stop telling me how good everythings were. Now he is wanting to come over next weekend. He was bumbed when I reminded him that I'm headed to Texas next Friday to visit my daughter and grandkids. I told him there is always the weekend after. Sorry for the long post. I'm just so excited I just had to shout it out the the world. Thanks for listening.

Poulsbo, WA
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Sounds like you are hooked! Congrats on the great outcome and fine tuning your skills. Its great when you can share your good eats with folks that appreciate it. Next thing you know you'll be taking pictures of your food like the rest of us nut cases! (Next time we want some pictures of the food and your smoker)

Good jobicon_smile.gif
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Good job FryBob! Waiting is the hardest but but it's worth every minute when everything comes out sooooooo good.

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Well done!! Sounds like a very sucessful smoke. You have reminded me of the importance of patience.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Bob I hope you saved some of that so when you come to tx you can drop some off to me lol. Congrats on the great cook and lets see some pics next time.
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Sounds like your on your way. Great job..Wouldn't happen to be comming thru Idaho on your way to Texas, with those extra vittles with ya?
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FRYBOB, every thing sounds great ,,, were`s the pics !!!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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you see, us in the rainy northwest can still q'ue it up!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Should've been here last night - everytime I'd check the ECB rain/hail & slush was splashing down my back. About froze to death and it was only 34 degrees. I'd rather it be cold and snowing than freezing rain! Brrrrrrrr

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Yep, like GoFish said your hooked!!!!I felt the same way when I started smoking...I had been grilling for years and thought to myself I had really been missing out on some great food. Well done FrybobPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I hear that Debi,that's the kind of weather that makes me bones hurt.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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"The payoff at the end of the process is so worth the wait."

That says it all. That's what it's all about. The end justifies the means.
Yep, you're hooked. Smoke on!
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The butt is goin in the Kettle at 10 am today. It's only 4.6 lbs so I figure around 6 1/2 hrs total smoking (but will be using a probe temp). Planning on pullin it (gonna try the finishing sauce for the first time), makin sammies w/ slaw, and bbq beans. Pics will follow. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Finally got the resizing program on the desktop. Mondays dinner. Very tasty!
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How did it turn out? Did you like the finishing sauce? I love it. It's very good.
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It's the first time I've ever used a finishing sauce. It was fantastic! It adds so much to the flavor of smoked pulled pork. I'm keeping a bottle of it on the table for good now, along with the other condiments. In addition, the smoky BBQ sauce (the recipe is under "pulled pork" in the Smoking Meat section) ;is just as good. Made a large batch of it and filled up an old ketcup bottle. Only bbq sauce I'm planning on using.
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