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Is there a trick to smoking 7 butts at the same time?

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I just had a friend pass and want to help the family. Me and the guys at work are having a cook out at work on Monday and all the money will go to the family. I'm cooking on Sunday. My question is do you cook 7 any different that 1? The most i have cooked at one time is 2 butts. Should I rotate top to bottom or just leave them alone. I have alot of people and a family in need counting on me and I dont want to mess this up. Please help. Thanks PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif BigD in Florida
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What kind of a smoker are you smoking on????
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Brinkman, not sure model

It has a squar hot box and a tall smoke box
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I do this alot.........just make sure you are checking temps. If one level starts to get done faster than the other, move'm around. Also start early so you can get them beautiful butts up to 200o before ya have to take'm off!! When they're done stick'm in coolers and then put'm in big freezer bags individualy so ya don't lose any juice. If there's alot of juice in the bottem of the cooler, distribute it in all the bags for a special treat and the people who are gettin'm will love ya forever.

note:I foil the butts at 170 in heavyduty foil so that I don't lose any of the juice between 170 and 200. By that time they a really nice bark.
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Hi BigD, very nice thing your doing, not sure I'm familar with what exactly you have but most smokers have hot and cool spots,'s probably a good idea to rotate the butts up and down / side to side about half way through the cook. Butts are very forgiving pieces of meat so I'm not worried about them getting dried out. Rather, want them to get done about the same time.

Perhaps some others can chime in with further advice.

Hope all goes well.Good luck. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Edit: Opps, gypc already did, thanks
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I did 5 last fall for a fundraiser dinner. See

I found that they got done in sequence from smallest to largest. I put the biggest on the top rack of my GOSM and the smallest 2 on the bottom. It was a long day. With that much meat in the smoker it took a little longer because of the increased mass of meat that needed to be cooked.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Theresa, sounds like he has the BSKD.
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Thanks Bill, I didn't want to let my pelican mouth over run my humming bird a**. biggrin.gif
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I think I can do this, I hope I can LOL. I have been smoking with this smoker for about a year and got it figured out for the most part. I just have never had this much pressure on me and my smoking ability. Thanks again for the help and I let you all know how it turns out and maybe post a few pics if I can figure out how. Thanks BigD
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BKSD we have a winner!!!

That is what have, the BKSD. You guys and gals are good.
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Why have them done all at the same time? Start today or tomorrow and put the big ones at top, small at bottom. When each one is done take out, let rest, then start pull'n. That way it's staggered and you get a break. If they are all done at same time, you'll need to pull at about the same time. Get some x-tra gloves, get some people involved and have a pull'n party....................oooooooo that didn't sound good.

Just an idea, I've never done more than 2. Then I wished I'd have spread them apart a little 'cause pull takes alot of time.......the way I do it anyway.

Great thing your doing here BigD! Wish you the best of luck.
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I would definitely keep an eye on your temps. Most big cooks like that require some shuffling from time to time, but it shouldn't be difficult. What limited experience I have with upright smoking chambers actually did teach me that the order in which you put them in does seem to make a difference. Meaning that if you have two in the front and one in the back on one rack, the next rack should be one in the front and two in the back and so on. If you can keep them spaced out enough so that there is little air flow restriction, you will have better results. Just relax, and do what you do, and everything will be OK. Besides, anytime you do something nice for people, its bound to turn out great.
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Chris, nice to see you in the forums!!! Glad you found us and please share your smoking experiences!!!!

Looking fowrd to reading your posts.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Smoking in progress.

I got all 7 butts in and smoking. I feel better now that everything is in the works. All the replys has helped and got me in the right direction. I got a few hours to go for half way and I will rotate and keep
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Hey Good Luck Big D. I'm sure your smoke will be great.

Sorry about your friend ...
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May the Smoking Gods look down upon you and smile. Good luck and show pics if ya can. smile.gif
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Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad to be here, and I look forward to being active in the forums.

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Thanks for the help!!!

Everything went well and the butts turned out great. I sold about 55lbs of pulled pork in 1 1/2 hours and made $1,533 for the family of my friend. I ran out of pork and had to send smoeone to the store and get a few hotdogs to finish the line of people. The help that you guys gave was right on time and thanks for the fast responce. Thanks
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