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Meat Smoking in the Media

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Here's a thread to tell us about recent or past television, print or web news/media coverage related to meat smoking in your locale.

In yesterday's Honolulu Advertiser, they did a story on "The Pig Man" from Mountain View, Hawaii (the Big Island!)...

When it comes to smoked meat, 'No can beat 'em'

(see link above)


**Admin, I just realized this section is only for supplies and equipment. Please move it where it's more appropriate, if necessary. Thanks!
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Pomai,neat story,i also like the smoke house idea that he uses.

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Thanks for the story. If I ever come across a wild boar, I will try to castrate that dude! icon_razz.gif Its nice to hear him talk about tasting he brine .... we had that discusion here too. I will make note of his baking soda tip for reducing the game taste ......... hope fully next goose season I can talk by friends in to trying that on a bird ......... we'll see!

Seems like the only smokin' stories we get here have to do with Crack & Weed! .................. LOL ...........
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we find lot of pigs castrated. its when someone cuts the ears off and the dogs have nothing to grab on to.. thats when you may lose a dog or two..before you get that sucker killed..great story nice man....the pig man.. my son works for Alan Wong the one in the story as a chef ...
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