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Just more chicken

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Here are a few pics of the chicken I done while the pork butts were cooking. These were in the new CG, so it was getting a little break in time.

I didn't brush the sauce on like I normally would have, I just dumped some on and rubbed it around with my fingers.....

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looks goood, how'd the event go for you?
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The vending event is next weekend....

I will get pics from that and post too.

Then 4 weeks until Norfolk....

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OK (sorry I jumped the gun) ......... We'll be waiting.
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I'm thinking to be sure it's comp ready ya need to put the finishing sauce on and send it to me so we can be sure it's turny ready.icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif

Allways wishing you the best Grumpy!!!icon_biggrin.gif

BTW, I take my first KCBS corse in Grand Rapids in a couple of weeks.
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Looks good Bill and good luck on the comp.
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Looks like good eatin' there Grump. Good luck in the competition.

Tonto, what KCBS thing are you doing?
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Goodlooking stuff Bill!
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There is a KCBS Certified Judge Training Class, thought it sounded like it could be interesting as well as educational. Allways wondered how you teach somone to "taste"
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A buddy of mine, another competitor, took one in January. He said it was really worth it. He is already signed up to do some judging this year when he isn't competing.

Learn all you can.

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