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Ok maybe its not the fire wood after all. My wife told me that im going thru a change of life kinda thing. She said at this point im in the Jack-Ass- Itis mode. Maybe thats what my problem is.
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Not touching that one with a ten foot pole!!!!!
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Marvin, you coming in June? If so I have all the black walnut you want. Also, I use shag-bark hickory. It's pretty rare, but I have a place where I can get it by the butt-load for free. The location shall remain unnamed though. The shag-bark hickory is most definitely the best. It's light and sweet. In fact, though I haven't tried pecan yet, I'm betting the shag-bark hickory is a close match. I'd like to get some mesquite. My Dad is supposed to bring me some from AZ this spring, but we'll see if he remembers.
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I have no idea where to get pecan and peach around here, with the exception of online.

Peach sounds good. I bet using peach nectar instead of, or with apple juice as a mop would give a hell of a crust!
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Tom Im not going to get to make it to the gathering wish I could. How good is the black walnut as far as taste and smoke ring. I have heard that it is very good smoking wood. I dont know what type of hickery I have but it is not as good as I thought. The last few times I've smoked I havent had the smoke ring Im used to. Also the meat hasn't had the pink color as before. I thought it might have been the rub but I think its just the dang wood. Maybe I just got a batch of crappy wood.
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Hey Marvin, we all go thru those timesPDT_Armataz_01_30.gif

Guido - drive out in the country and look for peach orchards. When I lived in Ga i remember some pretty good sized orchards outside Atlanta.
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Heh. Didn't think about just driving out to the orchards :)

I tried apple/cherry blend this weekend, and I was surprised.. it was very sweet but had a great flavor!
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I use Apple and Cherry Mix ( 50/50 ) for everything except FISH, then I use Alder.
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Here in Ontario mesquite is costly, so I start with it then I go through my arsenal of apple, cherry, maple, hickory and any other fruit wood I'm given. I just talk to folks about Q and they bring me wood ... last week a fellow gave me some pear which smelled like peach to me.
I like to mix'em up!
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Mixing is good! Hey how's that Smoke Vault comming Squeezy?
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Been kind of busy ... so it is going slow. Got most of the major dents knocked out and used touch up paint on the bottom and inside areas. I will turn her over and work the top next week. I'm hoping it won't leak too much around the door .. (fingers crossed)

Thanks for asking Mom icon_biggrin.gif
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Just upset you got a banged up new smoker you had to wait so long for and can't use it yet. I am still very P#$$ed about that! Why can't they hire delivery and warehouse folks that care about what they do?

I can't wait Squeezy! I excited for you!
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i use mostly mesquite. i also use oak, pecan, and silver maple.

marvin, bring me the mesquite, and i will give you all my pecan and oak.
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