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This is a good one

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I am a locksmith and I belong to locksmith site which does for locksmiths what this site does for smokers. Well last night I'm in the kitchen trying out ideas and recipes that I have gotten from this site, when my wife asks what I'm doing. I explain that I have found a website for smokers like my website for locksmiths. There was a short pause and from the living room I here an "O my GOD, I think I have created a monster" my response to that was "yes you have" and I continued experimenting.
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The is great. Keep a journal of what you do for you don't for get. Keep the que going brotha!!!
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She can't eat a lock. She will really like and be proud of what you get from this site.
Monster indeed!

Where is Avon?
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we are about 100 miles west of the twin cities on I94
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