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He told me that his experience is being a dairy farmer and does not have the experience in making the cheese. He is hoping to start by making some by hand and then moving to automating it.

Do you know if your way is the same way that he would make it? I know that he would love the help.

His herd is currently around 250 but he hopes to increase the size of the herd soon.
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Gym Socks still damp

I use old twice sweat in gym socks instead of cheese cloth for a slightly funky flavor I call it nikeoralla ala sweaty primogana ala perfec toe jam ha ha
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He could start that way but when he automates it it'll really be to hard to knead tons of cheese.

There's serveral ways to make the mozzarella but my way is the easiest and fastest. Good way to get a taste and feel for it. The hardeat part for a newbie is knowing when to cut the curds - that's the same no matter how much you make.
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Way back when...mozzarella was actually made from buffalos milk not cows milk. Otherwise it wasnt considered mozzarella. Awhile ago i tried some buffalo mozzy but i dont remember it being that much better than the cows milk version.

I have made mozzy using the half hour recipes and the hour recipes but found all of them to be slightly lacking on the flavor side. Texture was fine but i wanted the sharper taste i was used to. Finally i found an excuse and bought some lipase for parmesean about 2 months ago. I just have been busy and havent had a chance to swing back to cheesemaking to try it in homemade mozzarella.

To alot of the comments throughout this post...you have to be a little careful with ingredients. Salt measurements and fat content do play a major scientific role in the style of cheese you are making. Especially salt as too much can halt the bacterial ripening and profoundly change the final taste. Cheese isnt salted "to taste" its salted for ageing.

That being said experimentation is how we have all the cheeses there are. Its just if your trying to make a specific cheese like cheddar your sort of need to follow proven recipes. Otherwise you have made "farm cheese" PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif which constitutes any cheese you make that didnt wind up as what you wanted.
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I've had the buffala mozz at a couple of restaurants with the tomato, basil, and balsamic vinegar. I thought it was just slightly stronger in flavor...

I haven't done this for a while, I'll have to try this weekend.
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I've made buffalo milkcheese - but we just had a article in the paper some guy up the road about 10 miles is going to start a buffalo farm but I think it's just for meat.
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You can get kits and presses reasonably priced at www.leeners.com .. I mention them a lot and no, I don't have any affilliation with them. I just love the stuff they sell... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I've got a heavy duty press desgn you can make for about $20 if you buy all the parts, or you can buy one similar for about $50.

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