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No blaming here, just want to be sure everyone eats, having leftovers is not an issue.
Guess somewhere along the way I missed the agenda, my apology guys.
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Hi Tim, there is a huge chargriller on the front of the Lang that is also at your disposal PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Folks, I'm sure there will plenty of food..between us and Shortone we will be doing 20 racks of ribs on friday, red beans and rice, sweet corn pudding, creamy coleslaw and cobbler for dessert....just bring a bib!!!biggrin.gif
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Do you think 25# of brisket and 17# of butt will be enough Saturday evening?

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eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif LOL.......I would think so unless we have BigFoot stopping in and nobody told me. Wow Tim, that's a bunch of meatPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Look foward to seeing ya'll there!!!!icon_smile.gif
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Tim if you think we need another brisket, just say the word. I'll bring another one. I'm sure there will be plenty of ham from the lunch also. Whatever you think buster.

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I think that'll probably be enough. By my count, that should yeild about 15# of end product which = about 1/3# of meat per person. By the time we get some sides, buns for the pig butt, etc., it oughta make a minor feast. I'm assuming that we can always run into town and buy some more if more people than expected show up huh?

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That is correct sir.
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All cooks, there has been a change in plans and one of our attendees and cooks can't be there. This cuts the number of people to feed by a third. There were going to be 11 people in the party.

I just wanted to give you guys as much time as possible to adjust the amount of stuff you're buying and bringing for meals.
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Please note that with the new opening Mike has requested to be moved to the Saturday morning slot which leaves Sunday breakfast open. If this slot stays open we can discuss it at the gathering how we might like to fill it in.
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So does that mean it's now 25-35, or 15-25?

Either way there ought to be alot of leftover brisket and pulled pig!

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It's looking like I may have to send little Janie home Sunday evening so she can go to work Monday morning and I will stay on , just to help alleviate the food surplus of course. icon_cool.gif
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Lol Mike....a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Tim, I would figure about 20 or so for Sat. night dinner. Some are coming and going at different times but that is the one most everyone will be there for. Sorry for the change, not really anything anyone could do.
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We pretty much have the place until Tuesday Mike, no need to run off. icon_mrgreen.gif We'll go through the same amount of food, just less of us eating longer. icon_biggrin.gif
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