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Our smoker will also be available if anyone has the need.
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"Is it really only going to be the Okies, Cheech, Gunny, Joe, the Tontos and Chad? Oh hey, what about Tulsa Jeff and Abbigail? Surely they'll be there."

Jane and I WILL be there, and cooking as noted. Can't wait. PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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I believe this is the current list. I Figure everyone is bringing spouse + kids, so guesstimating around 30-40 folks + kids.

larry maddock
Bud's BBQ
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Plan on feeding 35 head. I still don't have responses from a couple or three people, but it's time to move on. I have an idea on these from their initial responses and received no additional correspondance like I did from most who's plans changed.

The list Theresa posted is pretty much correct. There are a couple maybes on there who I will let post their issues if they wish. Not my place to post peoples personal stuff.

Anyone wanting info on local stores or anything like that PM me and I'll get you what you need. We should have a fridge or two and an ice machine available, but keep in mind that you are not the only one who may want to put something in it. I will also have some personal space and I am sure the RV'ers may as well. In short, we'll work it out somehow, now let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My party will have 11. 4 adults and 7 kids ranging from age 5 thru 12. And the kids are.........................Oh wait, that is the kids ages.
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I'd like to say that my party will be as yet undetermined...however it will be way located west......way way way way west......meaning, we wish we could be there but can't, instead we will "throw down" best we can and get the "thin blue smoke" going on out here on the pacific northwest coast best we can.......heck might even conjur up some of my musician folk to join in!!!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Smoked - We appreciate your "smoked spirit" Be sure to take plenty of pics and include them with the pics that will go up showing our 1st gathering. Anyone else who wants to do the same will be welcome to post their "private" gathering pics too... it's all good.

Keep Smokin
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We are down to 7 days left and we still have openings for Sundays meals. If you are holding out to the end .... you're there. Let's go into this with a full roster so we don't have to wing the last days meals.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, and thanks to all who are volunteering their time and good food.

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look like it's mcdonalds for sunday
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Mmmm.. hot sodas and cold fries... Hope we have left overs from Saturday.
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Help me out folks. Do you think 64 cups (2 gallons) of gravy and 80 big biscuits is enough for the entire group?What are we doing about dinnerware? Fending for ourselves (my vote), or do we need someone to provide them?
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We are figuring on 40-45 people to feed, though Mag says about 35. Figured that would give us enough cushion so no one goes hungry. Biscuits wise, some will eat one, others 4 or 5, hard to say.
We are "fending" - and bringing extras. Styrofoam plates & plastic dinnerware, napkins, paper towels.
See you there. PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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Several will leave by Sunday afternoon, though it looks like some may stay a bit longer. Might be the day to gather any leftovers or cook your own meal.
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Chad has told me that he will fill in on the Sunday meal... plus the left overs will fill in.

I know it hasn't been addressed publicly, but it has been talked about. For plates and utensils.. please bring enough for your group plus some extras. Some serving utensils will be needed along with cups, bowls, etc.

I will bring also bring some various wood chunks (cherry, pecan, hickory). Also the canopy for shade.

Bring what you think you'll need plus a little extra and we'll have plenty.
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Folks, the Mrs. and I went to Sam's Thursday evening and picked up some extra plates, bowls, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, and also plan on bringing a canopy for shade. Hope we have some good weather for the get to gather. Also bringing extra wild cherry wood as space will allow.
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We hit Sam's yesterday, picked up plates, cups, plastic forks, knives, spoons, napkins, paper towels, and a LOT more ($250 out the door).

Throwing out some thoughts -

I would suggest we concentrate on two meals - breakfast and the evening meal. And have a set time for each to happen. Let everyone be on their own for lunch. There are people wanting to go to Sedalia for the BBQ comp. there, they will be gone during the midday, some will want to tour the area around Truman Lake, maybe visit Clinton or Warsaw. Not everyone will be on property for the midday meal, those who are won't starve. I'm smoking bologna (baloney where I'm from) and cheese for "appetizers" or snacking.

Just thoughts. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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I don't want to seem like a leach or anything, but will anyone be bringing a c'coal grill large enough to sear a whole packer trim brisket on, and if so, would you mind if I used it Saturday a.m.?


Also, we will bring some extra Chinet and plasticware.
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Mike: An agenda was discussed and we agreed that we don't want to plan every minute of everyone's day because this is a vacation for some. So we have a basic agenda with the trip to Sedalia planned for those who want to go and a roughed in dinner time of approx 6 to 7 P.M. That is why I have the cooking roster set up for light foods during the mid day meals. I agree that I doubt anyone will starve.

I appreciate your thoughts and inputs - if you have something else let us know.

Tim: I discussed grills with Chad way early in the planning. I was going to bring mine up, but he said that his will be available to use. I can't speak for the size of the grill but it will be there to use. He should be able to reply to this message later in the week as he is working the first part of the week.

If you don't hear from him, let me know. Thanks Tim.

If everyone brings a little bit of extra "stuff" then we won't run short of anything. If anyone has any concerns please bring them up early so they can be addressed.

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I reckon a 22 ½ inch Weber Performer will do the trick? If so, it is yours to use.
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Sounds like plenty to me Gunny.

I have figured in some cushion already and we have the fact that not all guests will be there every meal everyday. What you bring is obviously up to you, but I just don't want you going way overboard and blaming yours truly. wink.gif
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