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Just wondering

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I'm doing some 3/4" center cut chops on Sat. Do any of you season these before you smoke besides salt & pepper. I usually somke them first and season later. Any ideas? TIA
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Maybe some salt,pepper,garlic powder, onoin powder,paprika, really whatever spices you like I think would be good, and I would put them on before you put them in the smoker.
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Just wondering

Thanks, the seasoning part is a little new to me. Don't want to over do it and ruin a good cut of meat
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You can go to the store and buy some rubs for different meats in the spice section that might wet your taste in a little more exotic manner, i.e. Cajun, Montreal, Jamaican, Southwest, and so on. See what you like, then make your own later. Oh, and you might put some rub on the night before and wrap in saran wrap to let it soak in, then add a bit more before you put in the smoker. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Skeeter soak them in apple juice for 30 min then put spices on and smoke them they will turn out great.
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I never thought of that

Soaking them in apple juice, Hmmmm, I'll do that to one, season one with a rub, and figure out what to do with the other 2. Jeez I'm gonna have to eat myself sick again, oh well somebody has to do it icon_confused.gif
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I'm in with the apple juice. I've recently done some chops and a tenderloin. I brined the chops and then salt and peppered them. I only salt and peppered the loin, but I made a "finishing sauce" out of a mixture of apple butter and apple cider. It was awesome and will be in the keeper box.
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Yeppers apples and piggies do got together!


that avatar is making me hungry! love it!
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