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First BDS Smoke

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I took delivery of my BDS last week and finally got to fire it up today. I was impressed for my first time out. The smoker performs as represented and am very happy with the purchase. Finally got enough room for the big smokes.

I smoked a brisket, two fatties, a chub of bologna, and 8 andouille sausages for lunch. The brisket was a choice grade 14.50 lb. packer and was done in 7 hours and 15 min. I pulled it at 188° and coolered for about 2 hrs. and 45 min. Great flavor and excellent bark. The smells off this smoker are definately something different and I really loved the flavor.

Here are the fatties and bologna:

Here are the sausages:

This is the brisket just before pulling to cooler:

And sliced up for dinner:

The BDS ran at 235°-240° the whole time. I only to make an adjustment once I got it going once due to wind and a rain shower:

Last, but certainly not least, I had some very good help. I think he's got the bug:

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That BDS looks like the deal. Sure turned out some good looking eats!
Your help is off to a good start, will be smoking alongside you in a few years.
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OOOOOOOOOOOOO that's a sweet little pint sized package you got there! She is getting so cute! smile.gif

And the supper looks good too!
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Very good looking vittles chad seeing that brisket makes me want to cook one. Looks like your helper has everything under control.
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I'm ready to eat again, and I just finished eating! Yummy!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Allright! I was going to ask if there were any "Drum heads" here at SMF! And you got the jumbo too! Nice work Chad! You ain't kidding about the smell, I love it. Although I'm not a BDS owner, I do have a 38" drum with 2 cooking grates and have a turbo lid and a Weber lid that I use. I'll post some pics soon.
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Congrats on the BDS purchase Chad. Food looks great.
Guess you decided building your own was not feasible?
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Did I miss something Chad, Last I heard you were making your own drum smoker.
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Mainly barrels was the problem Tom. To get the capacity I wanted I was going to have to buy two or buy something else to make one work. I didn't really want to use used barrels either. The BDS barrels are heavier gauge metal and welded, not crimped.
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There are a couple here swamp. You, royknives, and me are the only ones I am aware of.

Didn't really miss anything Stars. Like I said above, to get the capacity I was looking for in this cooker I was going to do alot of running and spending of the $$$ and pretty well spending BDS money anyway. Shipping is the real kick in the butt on the BDS to me and theres not much to be done about that.
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Great looking grub Chad.Looks like Mini Mag is sproutin like a weed.I am getting tired of cooking in my propane unit,just got a deal on some tubing so I have to get going on my charcoal burner.
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Holy smoke, that's a lot of good lookin' chow!

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Good Looking groceries ultramag. That boy got you smokin on that BDS proper and in record time... you two will make a pretty good team icon_smile.gif

Keep Smokin
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Good lookin set up there. I'm gonna have to do some reading and see how that beast works.
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Hey Chad,
Congrats on the new BDS and also on that helper. I think you are absolutely right.......... he's got the bug.
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