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Dang! Blinked and missed it!
Actually, took a day off and bought ANOTHER boat. Got 3 now, boat poor. Have one for sale. Could be a death in the family if it does not sell soon.
Dutch, the recipe looks like a keeper and I slammed it into my recipe folder. Going to try this in the near future for sure.
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Thanks Dutch!!

3 cups of sauce it is!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Wow sound wonderful I cant wait to try this one. I love smoked beef and I love enchiladas. This is the best of both worlds!
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Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this recipe. The enchildas were awesome. I used a three pound chuck, only peppered it, smoked with Cherry to 160* i think, sprayed with Apple-grape juice and 100 proof so-co. I foiled it and finished it to 195* in oven because I am having temp problems with my Smoke Hollow gasser (see propane thread if you like). Let it rest for two hours then in fridge (it was really late by then). Took it out next day let it warm a bit then shred it. I could not find package enchilda mix, so had to go with Ortega outta the can. My girl and I love refried beans with anythings mexi, so I put a thin layer on each of the shells. I wanted to take pictures but could not seeing how the six year old dropped and broke the digi camera.

Anyways this was very yummy, gonna do it again after I finish the four that are foodsavered in the freezer. Just have to addd suace and cheese.

Thanks for this one Dutch

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Is it advisable to wrap the roast in foil and then put it in a cooler for a while before shredding, as you'd do with a pork shoulder? Or is it best to shred it once it cools enough?
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I shred mine cold after being in fridge overnight, I found that the fat was easy to remove. I have never had the opportunity to shred something that waas warm or hot so I can not comment on that.

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Low'n'slow, If you wrap the roast in foil and put it in a cooler for an hour, it will still be hot when you remove it-allowing it to reast will re-distribute the juices through the meat. The beef will shread easier when hot/warm vs. cold. While still hot, I'll cut my roast into fist sized chunks and drop a couple into the bowl of my KitchenAid mixer with the paddle beater attached. Run the mixer on speed 3 for 30-45 seconds will shread the meat with out burning the fingers.
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Never thought of that one!! Will try that next time!!
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good idea if you have a lot to shred.but the woman is a good shredder.she shreds my butt every once in a while.
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Great now I can use my KitchenAid for something other then making Peanut butter cookies. Yea that right I make cookies. I have to keep the wife happy. But if you tell any of my BRO"S I'll deney it.
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I like peanut butter cookies and I'm only 20 mins. away.
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Be wantin to try these. Too many good ideas here.
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Dutch Thanks for the recipe It's on the list to do next icon_biggrin.gif . If they taste as good as your beans. I'm gonna get FATTER PDT_Armataz_01_19.gificon_mrgreen.gif .

Love the mixer idea.
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Thanks for the recipe Dutch! Made these enchilada's with some leftover brisket, they were a huge hit!
My 8 y.o. even had one for breakfast the next day! Your beans are next on my hit list!
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You know, it's these li'l tidbits/recipe ideas that I would never think of that make this site great. Thanks Dutch, for yet another great idea. Can even smoke the chiles while I'm at it.
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Thanks flamund-I tell folks that by coming to SMF you can build an entire menu from appetizers to dessert and have it all come off of the smoker!!

Good idea about smoking them chiles. My brother grows a whole bunch of different chiles and will have me smoke a bunch. He then puts them on the dehydator until they're dry but somewhat plyable. He then vac-seals them and uses them during the cold month or he'll dry them out completely and the run them through his spice grinder (Mr. Coffee coffee grinder) and makes his own chile powders.
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This sounds good, I love Mexican food. I make tacos, barittos all the time with ground beef (it's easy and quick), You just gave me an excuse to smoke a briskett. I saved the recipe in my folder, can't wait to try it.

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Thank You!

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