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Ditto to what everyone else said!
I'm droolin' big time!
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OMG.....that looks soooooooooo good.
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bumped for old times sake
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Thanks for the bump. That does look great. Awesome ring. Looks like its time for you to do another.
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Looks Great

I will have to put that on the "to-do" list
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I just heard my stomach grumble. That looks so delicious!
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Got to agree completely. That smoke ring is so purdy
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gypc-every time I revisit this thread I keep reminding myself that I got to make this sammie-make that two sammies cuz if I just made one I wouldn't want to share it with the family-stingy rat ain't I!!biggrin.gif
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Wow! That looked amazing!
I know this thread is pretty old by now but I never saw it before.
Glad Dutch made a post otherwise I might never have come across this and would have an empty space on my to-do list, this is definitely going on it.
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That why I have to come back every once in awhile to remind ya!! It's good to see ya again!
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Man, what's with all those fantastic sammies today? No worries, excellent job gypc! Thanks for sharing.
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