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SMF Gathering Who Wants to Cook or Help?

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Hello All

We are getting close to finalizing details on the 1st Annual SMF Gathering in June. There is one question that came up and should be addressed.

Is there anyone, that is going to the event, that wants to cook a special meal, help with food prep, or just help out by bringing disposable plates, utensils, etc?

We already have a couple of guys who are planned, but we were wondering if someone else would like to show off their skills for us or would like to help out.

If interested you can PM myself, ultramag, or cheech.. or just post a reply here.

We are looking forward to meeting all of you there. The official announcement with all the info is expected soon.. be looking for it.

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I already offered up breakfast. Just let me know what morning. I believe SmokyOky was going to smoke a couple briskets. Don't know if that's for the whole gang though.
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Gunny, I've got you down with the guys for Sat. morning per your request. Looking forward to the B&G. As long as that still works for you then we're set.
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I'm good to go. Just give me a solid head count the week before, and I'll be prepared.
I'll pitch in and help with grilling too if anyone is planning on that. Maybe all the guys can grill for the ladies and kids.
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Gunny - We appreciate all your help, can't wait til breakfast gets here!
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PigCicles: I'm planning to bring my smoker,am willing to let it be used if someone that is traveling long distance to attend wishes to cook show off their recipes and can't handily bring their unit. Just an offer. We do a lot of camping and will bring some plates and plasticware as well as napkins, papertowels, foil, etc. Do you think I need to bring any of my cast iron? Just let me know how I can help. Probably won't be there till around noon on Fri. StevePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very kewl shortone!!!!!! Might take ya up on that offer.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Tonto, I'm still learning, but will do my best to try to make everything work. BTW mine is a stick burner, what kind of wood would you like. Steve
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Hiya steve, anything but mesquite would be great, I'm gonna bring as much cherry wood as I have room for being that I live in cherry country.

Kind of waiting for the annoucment from the planning commitee to see what other meals or such might be needed.... then we can figure it out from there .... that's very nice of you to offer, Thanks!!
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Being "just up the road a piece" from THE LOCATION, I'm up to help do whatever. Can be there early if needed. Been known to watch a smoker or grill (never had one get away yet).
Will tote along the oldest, ugliest, ECB and Turbo Cheese Smoker attachment, intend to smoke some chub bologna (baloney where I come from) and cheese for appetizers.
Looking forward to it.
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shortone and peculiarmike, your offers are duely noted and will be kept in mind... Still trying to work out the cooking yet, so if tonto has something in mind, I'd be glad to hear about it. Also can't wait to see TurboSmoker in action.

The location is locked down and will be a secret until 26 minutes before the gathering.. waiting on some other info then the announcement will follow.. Stay Tuned
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26 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!! That won't give us much time to get there. Watching for the post. Steve
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Folks thanks for all your interest on this.

I believe that if we can all pitch in a tad this will go off like none other, and we will all have a wonderful time.

More details will be coming shortly.
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You dont know how much I wish I could be a part of this! Hope y'all have a blast, and if its not too much to ask ........ remember to take & post pictures for all of us who cant attend to see what we missed!

Has anyone seen a fishicon_cry.gif?
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We will keep all of you in mind while we are there.

We too wish that everyone could be there. Sometimes it just does not work and hopefully there will be opportunities to go to future ones or maybe it will be closer to your home.

This is also a test of some sort and we will see where it will take us. I really have no idea if other forums have gatherings like this or not. It would be interesting to see how they do it if they have such a thing. Although I suspect that this is really not usuall.
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We'll try to get as many pics as we can. We'll either post them here or somewhere.. Maybe Jeff will have an area for this.. who know's, but they will be available. If I can work up the time, I'd like to put together a slide show of it...

Keep Smokin
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Howdy, nothing specific in mind, that's why I was waiting to see what meals were spoken for, if ribs have not been talked about would like to chip in 6 racks of lion backs.... maybe others could chip in a rack or two here or there till we have enough to feed all...chime in anyone. Also would have to pick them up somewhere down there or send a check to somone who could grab them at a local Sam's club....gonna bring my 12" cast iron pan with ingredient's for some of hoppin mama's corn bread ..so you can count on me for that also....let me know if you need other sides like maybe potato salad...as I will have the rv and a refrigerator(picking up the RV in Kanas City) Also will have lot's of stuff for food prep if anyone needs it, ( knives, cutting boards,ect....) So everyone...chime in if you would.

Hope this helps and does not complicate matters.
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Tonto: Wife says you and her are thinking alike [could be trouble] on the things to bring. We are thinking we may go down on Thurs. evening, not sure yet. If it turns out like the camping trips with my army buddies PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif ,you will be able to eat 24/7. Not all bad I guess. Let me know, we can bring some ribs, and how bout some chicks. Talk more when after they get it set in concrete. Wife shaking her head yes, says to tell you her B-day is 10-1-57. StevePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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lol Steve...sounds like a plan,looking foward to meeting ya'll, tell the Mrs, Libra's....great minds think alike icon_wink.gif
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Just a thought...Some people can't make the trip, even though we would like to. (me being one). Is there a way we can donate $$$ to help cover some costs? We are still part of the forum. Thanks.
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